Sunday, June 28

Mild showers were expected

Soccermatch: VOS-VVV (27-06-09) cancelled.

Bunch of poofs.


  1. That is quite impressive rainfall for Netherlands. I don't think I have seen or heard about that much rain in such a short time there.
    I have had it happen to me in a car in downtown Nairobi. The sky really just came down. Of course we were instantly stuck in a complete traffic deadlock. Slowly the road got floaded, and the water started to rise and rise, and we had absolutely nowhere to go. Thoughts about abandonning the car or drowning in it were serious options. After two hours the rain stopped, but the water kept coming from the hills around us. Several cars broke down or were abandonned, adding to the mess, but eventualy after 5 hours we got out of the roundabout we were stuck on. Before going home we stopped at the nearest pub and drank some serious beers to cool down our nerves. Nature can be very cruel.

  2. Ok, that hazard story is impossible to top.
    I do remember one rainstorm where I was bicycling in fornt of the PSV stadium and the water was higher than the axle of my pedals. Luckily it was 34 degrees prior to the rainfall and 24 throughout and I was about 10 minutes from home so it was all good. It was a shame about the clean laundry I'd been transporting from my ancestral home to my student dorm room :-/