Monday, June 8

My first ale

Last Saturday I had my first visit to Kelstim's Tavern. Some of my friends had gone over for a drink, and they asked if I wanted to come too. So I decided to not be the usual party pooper and accepted their invitation. Although it was actually very easy to find, I still managed to get lost. One of them, Jena, actually had to come out and found me wandering nearby. Fortunately it was just drizzling a bit, so we didn't get too wet.

Once I made it inside the tavern the cheerfulness and warmth instantly got to me. Soon somebody went to get a new round of drinks. Almost everybody was drinking Kelstim's notorious ale. I couldn't stay behind and decided to try it as well. It would be my first ale, so I was not sure what to expect. It came in one of those big tankards I could barely lift. But after two cautious sips I realized it tasted quite good. So I took a few more gulps. The combination of friends around me, the warmth of the hearth, my still damp clothes made me quite hot and light headed. To cool off I quickly drank a couple of more huge gulps of my ale. But that didn't really help. I needed some fresh air.

I got some concerned looks and maybe somebody even asked me something while stumbled to the door. As soon as I got outside the cool hit me like something else, and I just managed to get away from the door before I dumped my stomach on the floor. After I emptied my entire lunch I poked my head back inside and got welcomed by a combination of concerned and smuck faces. I didn't really felt like sitting down anymore. Fortunately Jena's place was just two doors down and she was so kind to take me to her place where I could lie down on the spare bed. I think I was gone before my head hit the pillow.

When I woke up the next morning I felt horrible. But I managed to stand up and walk around. Fortunately there was nobody else home. I wrote a quick thank-you note and left my friend's house. The plan was to go to work. I tried to get something done, but my head was hurting too much. Not sure if I ever want to drink ale again.

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  1. Good to hear you hooked up with- and are enjoying hanging out the Riftrunners. And that you found such a good friend in Jenavira :-)