Thursday, June 4

Weird Wednesday Weenshots

During the weekend I can usually not find the time to post anything. On top of that I actually don't have that much screenshots to post anyway. So I am making it a Wednesday affair this once. For now.

(I tried to make the pictures show as 800x500, but they seemed to be cut off a bit. 600x500 maybe? So click on pictures for full view)

Leap of faith from New Targonor Castle.

Slaying some manticores by moonlight.

A last view of the Ksaravi Gulch. I hope all my rat killing helped the world somewhat.

I had almost bumped into this mysterious object.
Always a great feeling to see something new and unexpected.

All set for my next adventures.
With that riftstone at my back the world is at my mercy.


  1. Oops, it is already Thursday today *grin*

  2. Very nice shots there. Have fun at Renton Keep :-)

    The lay-out does clip at 600 pixels.
    What I do, and I think Geek does too, is use the "Blog This" Feature in the Picasa application. Actually it's about the only feature I use, I prefer Xnview for everything else.
    It quickly generates thumbnails for up to 4 pictures per post and sets everything up for you. If you need more than 4, you just create a few drafts and copy-paste the html to a final post :-)