Wednesday, June 10

Heroes of Telara

Long after the Age of Legend, when centuries of conflict devastated the fair kingdoms of Telara™, the world teeters on the edge of darkness. Now, four rival factions grapple for control of the land as the struggle rages on in the wild territories. Arising from these ashes is Port Scion, a mighty city inhabited by survivors of the old empires. Only the brave and stalwart citizens of Port Scion can restore peace, and change the very course of history, for it is home to the Heroes of Telara.

Heroes aren’t born, they are forged. In the world of Telara, how a person reacts to an unexpected situation determines their quality; will you be a hero? Plunge into a world where you will face different challenges every time you play. Your decisions will affect the fate of the people of Telara. A Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), Heroes of Telara builds on established mechanics with dynamic content and scheduled events to ensure an ever-changing world where being the right hero at the right time truly matters. Join with other heroes and become a legend.


  • The Right Hero at the Right Time – Rise to the challenge of the unexpected, use the deep sub-class system to customize your abilities to prevail and become the hero.
  • Battle Hordes of Enemies – Engage in intense "one vs. many" battles where enemy groups behave as a horde, while you fight using an easy-to-learn combat system.
  • Play With Anyone – Experience the world and share your journeys with players of all levels. Your destiny is in your hands.
  • Master Every Skill – Train in every profession and engage in any crafting activity. Use the dynamic class system to specialize in prestigious class abilities.
  • Dynamic Multiplayer – Unite with your friends and plan play-sessions around scheduled events that change on a regular basis. Exciting area quests offer seamless grouping and unique rewards.
  • Control Territories – Join a faction and participate in the struggle to control territories where you monopolize access to epic rewards.
  • Discover a Limitless World – Explore a stunning adventure-filled world as you achieve rewards for your heroic accomplishments —a world completely open to you, regardless of your rank.

Even though it's not my wish for an MMO set on Morrowind or Morrowind-alike surroundings this does look nicely off-standard and I like the heavy use of lighting which ads to the atmosphere. Tentatively scheduled for 2010 so it could all be vaporware yet. All I can really say is I like the art-direction.

Check out the site if you wish, it doesn't hold much more information than I put in this post.


  1. For a game they think will be ready next year that is an aweful little info. And except a few buzz words it really looks like a copy of Vanguard and Age of Conan. But who knows? I'll check with it again next year.

  2. If it were a (working) copy of Vanguard with a copy of Age of COnan's graphics engine, I'd probably be playing it way too much :-)

    Actually, I think they're using Heroes Engine so that could potentially speed up the process without causing too much damage to the game structure. Whether they use that advantage to perfect their content is another thing.
    But indeed, details are skimpy. Less so than for say the Copernicus project though.

    What worries me more is the 'one against many' concept. Sounds too "heroic" in a diablo-esque way to me.

  3. I don't think I am actually interested in playing a working copy of Vanguard with AOC graphics. Since it won't have anything new. Maybe if it will have a learning curve ... :)

    Some of the screenshots on the official site gave me a bit of a Spellborn feel. Maybe because of the outfits.

  4. Well, it wouldn't be a bit-by-bit copy of vanguard. It wouldn't work then :-P
    But seriously, the best of VG and AoC in a new IP with Morrowind like flora and such would kinda kick ass.

    Art is somewhat reminiscent of TCoS. With the armor details and curlycues (sp?). The overall architectural look is more mideval European to, a major inspiration for both Morrowind and TCoS.
    Since TCoS always felt like borrowing from Morrowind in that department (though managing a unique look all the same) my association is different.