Friday, June 5

The sky may be falling!

Not in a bad way though.
It appears that a Western version of Huxley has gone into honest-to-God actual Closed Beta.

I know this because they send me an invite over my Fileplanet Subscriber address.

I can tell you this because the "This Closed Beta is only for residents of the USA or Canada" message comes prior to any signing of NDA's in the sign-up process.
It would have been nice to be offered the option not to break the NDA and do some actual testing, but hey, I'll just go test Open Beta of Neo Steam instead then.


  1. Weird ... What's next? Dogs and cats are getting married?

    But I can't really say I am overly excited. FPS and MMO are not really the best combo. FPS is all about the action, while and MMO is more about the story, (slow) progress and social interactions. Although I think something new needs to be done to keep the MMO spark alive, but making twitchy shooters out of them is not it (for me).

    And along the same lines of MMO games I am not really interested in, I found out about two other games recently I had not heard of before:

    APB -
    Crime Craft -

  2. Signed up for Neo Steam too :)

  3. APB and crimecraft have zilch appeal to me. They're basically trying to ride the GTA bandwagon and try to do it MMO style. You just know the game's are going to pale compared to GTA, which I don't like to start with.

    I'm afraid Neo Steam won't run on Windows 7 because the client doesn't recognize the OS and won't run on unspported OSes.

    And I agree on the FPS/MMO thing. :-)

  4. Then we have a consensus on FPS/MMO hybrids :-) Can't really see how the 2 can work effectively together.