Saturday, June 20

Morality System

As you can probably remember I'm usually dissatisfied with the usual Black and White morality system and even played with a concept including humanity for one post.
Today I ran across a different system. It's half Faction, half Morality really.

Each section is a faction in an upcoming MMO. They all have one arch-nemesis two allies and two enemies each.
Basically it means the closer another faction is to your (counter)clockwise the better you like them.
It makes kinda sense, but it immediately fails.
For instance, while Society & Self can be considered opposites, why would 'Nature' be closer to 'Society' than 'Science'?
I'd think 'Order' would be neutral to both Science and Nature as both by and large don't care about order. In fact both are essentially amoral.
But I can understand that they di it this way as they need to serve the factions, and for once they're not "Group A wants to destroy the world, Group B wants to own it and Group C wants to keep it". As societies these factions make sense.

Extra cred for who knows what MMO I'm talking about.
Hint: It's not Fantasy and not Space. Nor is it Cyber- or Steam- Punk as such.

I can't tell you much more just yet because after this I'm agreeing to an NDA.


  1. The extra credits go to Google. Fallen Earth looks promising. I agree with you the separation is a bit arbitrary, but it is a nice way to create 6 recognizable groups. The whole setting of the game doesn't allow to much good vs evil regardless. It has the feel of eat or be eaten. Morality is a step up on the Maslow's hiearchy.

    I haven't signed up to try to join you yet. I got myself in an NDA bound MMO myself related to very big cities. And since I haven't even got passed character creation, there is no need to add more to my plate.

    I'll look forward how it will all work.

  2. Maslow's hiearchy of need....what every teacher needs to read, comment on and apply while training, it all seemed a bit obvious to me but as I was teaching long term addicts at the time I guess it might have been more obvious....

    Ok what NDA do you guys not want to speak about and can get you get me in on the beta ;-)

  3. Unfortunately I can no longer discuss the possibilities of Fallen Earth due to having agreed to an NDA. Since said NDA specifically prohibits me from stating I am in the Beta I can neither confirm nor deny that I am in a Beta.

    Luckily the NDA says nothing about private conversations, just public ones.
    See you tomorrow :-)