Wednesday, July 1

No Sexy Screenshot Sunday

For several reasons:
  • For one I would never apply the term sexy to the available shots. I.e. the ones from the Birthday Bash in Oxton Square and the rest of my city-trip to London.
    While the Turing machine I took pictures of in the Science museum was pretty hot, the rest aren't that sexy.
  • The more practical reason is that at one point prior to leaving for London I decided to pack my camera to USB port cable and then reversed that decision with the result i now have to spend time locating said cable. The last days have been to busy and hot to do so.
  • Last, the SSS stands for Screenshot Showoff Sunday, no guaranteed sexiness at all.
So instead feast your eyes on this:

The new product from GiantMicrobes :-)

Having firmly re-established my Geek cred, here's some pictures from the trip:

R>L: Roommate who's name I never quite heard, Phè and Trin with assorted glasses of alcoholic beverages.

I call this piece "Girl completely oblivious to the History of Computing"
Ok so it's not THE Turing machine, but a close offspring.

Apple I, and Phè's legs.

Phè really was a lot taller than I expected :-)


  1. How come the only photo showing is that awful one of me ? I sense some selective censorship going on....

  2. Errr, not sure. Will check tomorrow. After work, sleep and more family helping. It's one of those days, except it's been going on for the entire week.

  3. Yep, plenty of nerd points for you. So I will forgive you that the pictures don't show. I should probably thank and hug you for that *grin*

    And Geek, your picture is not awful at all!

  4. In the category I have no clue what's going on and it's too hot to try and figure it out we now have all pictures except the one of Pete, which wasn't bad at all imo.

  5. I rarely like pictures of me, me saying it was awful wasn't a request for removal. Wait for Trib to send me his pics and then we have the 'yammob collective' group shot :)

  6. So sorry, I forgot to upload the pictures..
    Anyway, Geek has them all now..
    So you should see the yammob group pic pretty soon! =)