Monday, September 20

The worst part is...

I recognize most of the references they make in the lyrics


  1. Or maybe it's that I recognize Seth Green on site.

  2. That was great... I am lucky that my wife will show an interest in the stuff I like.

    She won't play City of Heroes, but she will watch all the movies and she will play Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 on the gaming systems.

  3. Swiss!! How great to actually see a comment from you. I know you said you visited from time to time, but see you actually post is really nice. Welcome!

  4. Swiss isn't a random lurker but a purposeful stalker? :-)

    /me wonders who he may be and why am I thinking off carrots now?

  5. I figured I should give some posts over here, because they might actually be seen by someone...

    Plus I thought I should let you see that I actually read and enjoy the thoughts on here.