Sunday, September 5

Sunday Screens FFXIV

All screens are from Open Beta.
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Yes they have Chocobos

This Opo-Opo looks cute but would have killed me if I attacked
PWNed by Naked Moles

For a desert area this is pretty damn nice

Copper Coblyn - I blame it on it's diet

Another weird creature found in a cave
Another desert view, the lighting impressed me here

Nahkti - trying to work out how to join in on the carpentry

At least someone sussed out crafting

City streets


  1. Beautiful game, the models and textures are superb, on top of that the animations are probably the best I've seen in a game. It really is a stunner. I'll add a few more as I collect them.

  2. Oooh nice!
    I haven't managed to get in yet. Been hearing some not-so-great feedback on the controls and such.

    What's your take on that?

  3. I don't have a problem using traditional mouse and keyboard navigation, there is a slight delay with the mouse but it's certainly not game breaking.

    I've been playing since last stages of alpha, have quiet a few thoughts on the game, I'll post more on that later.

  4. Cool, can't wait!

    Should I pre-order?

  5. No: There is a tonne of potential here but we won't know how much of that potential it will reach at release. Open beta tells me nothing I didn't already know and is lacking in content. I'm going to wait and see.

  6. About the pre-order, buying it from in the UK gets me the pre order for less than the standard edition. I figure it's worth £24.99, depends on how much content you expect and we don't know how much they are giving us yet.

  7. Ehm yeah.

    They kinda have a problem with delivery.
    Not sure how it's in other parts of the country but here where I live they use a Royal Mail subsidiary. Delivery rate is around 33%
    Play is very nice in resending a delivery 2-3 times till it actually gets there, but it's a pain. By the time you actually get the product the price in the local stores has dropped to below the Play price.

  8. It looks beautiful! Enough I would love to see it for myself. But I will wait till after release. Mostly because I won't have time to properly play now :)