Wednesday, September 29

Steam is great when offline

The past ten days I have been offline. And I will remain offline till at least next week Wednesday. So what am I supposed to do at home? The internet has really become one of life's necessities.

But in stead of going outside (*schudder*) or playing a boardgame (huh? what?) I discovered I have actually a whole list of nifty video games I have never even tried. All of them were bargain downloads from Steam. But when the internet is up and running I never found the time to try them out.

Where the rest of the world is locking themselves up with Civ V I managed to finally start up Civ IV. For a 2005 game I thought the UI looked rather outdated. But the zoom features, and animated troops managed to pull in anyway. I managed to expand my empire to several cities, and then wondered what I was doing it for. So time for something else.

Zeno Clash was next. That is a fun game. The art style is quite different. The characters are ... weird. The whole story is kind of weird. Apparently I killed my father-mother and the rest of my family is chasing after me. It has a very rewarding first person melee combat system. I am taking great pleasure in sucker punching the weirdest characters.

But I am of course rather pathetic at it. My twitch skills serious lack smoothness. And my keyboard-mouse-eye coordination can use some training. I have managed to make it to the first boss where I am sort of stuck. But I will persevere!

In the meantime I have started firefox several time. And it still says I can't connect to the internet. It really feels like I have an addiction. I can't even enjoy an offline game anymore.


  1. He he he!
    When my Internet is down I always fall back to the latest version of Sid Meier's Pirates! I even got both Xbox 360 and PC versions. Great game in between chapters or when you've been staring at your bookcases for 45 mintues and still haven't found that one book...

    What's the longest time you can stay offline with Steam? I seem to recall a mention of 3 weeks?
    On a side note, I was 'offline' for all of 48 hours when I moved. And that's because I packed up my kit a day early :-)

  2. Woohoo! I am back online. I still hope to finish Zeno Clash. It is more fun than I suspected.

  3. Welcome back Phë!

    I've been playing another offline oldie. Arcanum, of Steamworks and Magick obscura which, after downloading a couple of patches that clean up the audio and provide higher quality textures as well as fix some bugs in the original game. Great offline game, but still need the interwebz for it :-)