Friday, September 17

Dead Kennedy's were on to a good thing?

Thank God I'm not an American.
It's also a good thing to this guy probably never listens to Punk Rock or he might mistake a certain song for a Good Idea:


  1. Yes, I agree. It is already bad enough an idiot spews that kind of rubbish, but what is really disturbing is that quite a large number of Americans actually think it is a good idea.

    But instead of feeling a bit sick from hearing that report I was actually swinging here while listening to the Dead Kennedys. They are great. And proof that not everybody in the States is an idiot. I used to have that album on tape. But almost my entire collection mysteriously dissolved while I lived in Kenya.

  2. I think the dual party system is to blame for a lot of it. Not saying 25 political parties is the way to go either. Something in between with 3-5 main political parties that tend to form coalitions and another set of opposition parties to keep them honest still has my preference. Current inability to form a governing coalition without Right Wing Idiots notwithstanding.

    Dammit, I need an update to my Amazon's delivery addresses list Phè!

  3. Funny, I just posted 'Holiday in Cambodia' by Dead Kennedys on a friends facebook page :)

    I'm with you Lani on the two party problem in the USA.

  4. On a related (ish) note, a charity I used to work for just initiated a debate on paying long term drug users to use contraceptives and, even more concerning, to become sterilised. Something they had been prompted to do by local media, why the media should prompt such a discussion I don't know, sounds like Carl would approve.

  5. Ehm...
    I can get behind encouraging them to use contraceptives, even giving them for free, but paying a chronic drug user for anything means paying them to enable their abuse. So that's really not the solution to any problem regarding chronic drug abusers.

    As to sterilising them: ....