Friday, September 10

Tentative connections

Hi ,

Your registered Entropia Universe account with username: has been inactive for 600 days and will eventually be terminated according to the ToU §5 unless activated within the next 150 days.

Activate your account again to secure the value on the account by logging into the Entropia Universe. If You have forgotten your password please reactivate your account at

If you experience technical difficulties logging into the Entropia Universe, please check the Knowledge Base - FAQ or contact the Entropia Universe Support Department at:

If you wish to permanently terminate your registered Entropia Universe account and no longer wish to receive these notifications about the status of your account, please contact the Entropia Support Department.

Kind regards,
Your Entropia Universe Team

Decisions decisions. Shall I go through the trouble of finding out how to contact Entropia Support Department, which is the only bit not featurieng a hyperlink oddly enough, to have this barely remembered account (I think I tried it for all of 90 minutes that time) and thereby signalling to them that this is in fact still an active e-mail account, or just quietly inform my spam filter to expect another e-mail in 150 days?


This and other equally blindingly obvious should I or shouldn't I quandaries trouble professionals around the world and kept me from digging in on the life expectancy topic this night shift.

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  1. I get those Entropia emails too twice a year. And every time I think for a minute whether I should actually see if my character is still there. I don't think I even made the 90 minutes. I don't really consider that hurtful mail or even fishing for addresses. There are a lot worse exploiters out there.

    But I can imagine the mass mailer that the article is talking about can keep you busy. Maybe they better keep you around for another year in case it is persistent.