Thursday, September 23

Mapping Stereotypes

Somebody pointed me to a wonderful list of great maps of Europe. Of course everybody thinks Holland is the place to go for drugs. Apparently except the Italians, who think that is where Canada is. The entire list of great maps can be found here. Maybe I should try to make an MMO prejudice map...


  1. Do you believe that most people outside of the USA are more aware of the world?

    I believe that most people (at least here in the US) are so focused on their litle part of the world, they really don't realize what is going on everywhere else.

    I am scared to think that the Map of the "US view" might be pretty close to what the average person thinks...

  2. Here's a fun little experient. Let's try defining a country according to all of it's sterotypes.

    Just for kicks, let go with Greece...

    Greece is the land of:
    Democratic Union of Subsidized Farmers
    who are noisy hairy people but despite their cheap hotties here. In their spare time, they break dishes and sculpt. Byzantium is there as well which is just south of the homophobic tribes.

  3. I love the Bjork island. The Gulf of ABBA makes me smile, too.

  4. I laughed at Sodom written across my country.
    But my personal favourite is the gay interest map. :-)

    The maps are also interesting because they depict what someone thinks other people's preconceptions are. They're not so much maps of stereotypes as this person's beliefs about what he thinks are other people's stereotypes. So while poking fun at them, he's showing his own.
    Multi layered maps...