Wednesday, May 12

GW2 - Lofty Ambitions?

Dynamic Events Overview

The latest blog entry over on the official GW2 site

One of my favourite quotes:
.... in a traditional MMO, the character who gives you a quest will tell you ogres are coming to destroy the character's home, and you need to kill them. You then get a quest which says, "Kill 0/10 ogres" and you proceed to kill a bunch of ogres standing around in a field picking daisies. Since every player in the game needs to be able to do this quest, the ogres will never actually threaten the character's home - they will just eternally pick daisies in the field. The ogres aren't actually doing what the quest says they are - the game is lying to you!

My concerns about dynamic scaling put to rest:
Everyone works together towards the common goal of the event and everyone is rewarded for doing so. To help ensure there is always enough for everyone to do, our events dynamically scale, so the more players who show up and participate in the event, the more enemies show up to fight them. If a bunch of players leave the event, it will dynamically scale back down so it can be completed by the people who are still there playing it. This careful balance created by our dynamic scaling system helps ensure you have the best and most rewarding play experience.

Rewarding altaholics and explorers:
As an added bonus, we've also hidden hundreds of events all over the world that require interaction with the game world. This helps give an extra sense of reward and discovery for those who seek to explore the entire world.

It's a good read, It's so far removed from GW1 in everything but lore the excitement of a sequel has long gone, now it's whats being unveiled about this new MMO that's getting me excited, this looks like damn good stuff.


  1. Still sounds a lot like a combination of 'phasing' and public quests.
    Still even a cyclic The hut gets overrun 20 times a day and resets, unless enough players congregate to stop the ogres, feels more lively than the current persistent world model used by most MMO's. (Except for the ones who made similar claims as GW2 does but failed to deliver). Still have hope for GW2 but until they put money where their words are, those sound a lot like the more of the same from the failed MMO experiments cabinet.

    Ok, one day I will say something nice and uplifting about GW2, I promise :-)

  2. "Ok, one day I will say something nice and uplifting about GW2, I promise :-)"

    Next post - 'Lani - pessimist or realist?' :)

  3. Just remember that a pessimist is what an optimnist calls a realist :-)

  4. I think I can never be as a realist a Lani. Those pink glasses are burned into my iris. But I can see how these beautiful concepts will fall flat in reality.

    The biggest problem is that most players don't for anything but getting the biggest e-peen ASAP. I have little faith in other players making events a great RPG experience. So I will just wait and see the updates from Geeky and the MuTants as they come in. And then find out if they succeeded in the nigh impossible.