Tuesday, May 11

Somebody is being daft!

I received this email this morning from FunCom:
Dear Customer,

Thank you for your Pre Order of Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer!

We are happy to announce that payments are now beginning to process for this exciting upcoming event. Unfortunately it appears that your account is cancelled. Your payment for your pre-order will not be able to process while your account is cancelled and this may result in your account being frozen during the launch period.

To ensure uninterrupted service and a successful purchase of Rise of the Godslayer expansion please log into your account today at https://register.ageofconan.com and reactivate to allow your payment to be processed.

Thank you for your attention,
I don't want to play Age of Conan now. So they expect me to pay $15 just to have the privilage to pay them another $30 for something that is not available yet for some time. That is just ...

Wait, let me check the AOC website. Oh wow, Rise of the Godslayer got released today! Hmm, then the email makes some sense. But I still don't want to play today. I'll just have to wait and see what happens when I eventually activate my account.


  1. You may want to check your CC transcript to see if you actually already paid for Godslayer.
    The reason i say that is because you might have gotten that message because there's something wrong with your billing info. Like say it expired like mine did since last I used it for Funcom.

    ofcurse the phrasing leads me to suggest nothing is wrong but they want you to subscribe if at all possible. Kinda like the "resubscribe or the Lowbie gets ti"campaign a while back. The one that cost me Nether's good name *snif*. I did resub so i can take a spin in the game this weekend (Thursday through Sunday).

    Oh, on a side note. As of Coming Wednesday I'm once again employed by the Control Centre and will be working shifts again. I was informed (note the lack of the verb 'to ask') of this last Thursday. I'll have a job till the end of September after which the company I work at will have to give me a direct contract without an end-date so i can expect to be unemployed starting 01-10-10...

  2. I am a bit confused. So let me see if I get this right.

    For the last few years you get paid by company A. Until January this year you were working at a Control Centre owned by company B as a sub-contractor. Today is your last day at a crappy job at company C. Your employer, company A, decided that you should be back company B without asking you.

    By the end of September you employer, company A, has to give you a permanent job. Whether that is at B, C or wherever. Since you suspect they don't want to do that they will instead just end your contract and find somebody useless to take over your spot at company B.

    I think company B has been demanding that you would return to them. I don't think it will be acceptable to them that you will get replaced in October. So I think you'll be ok.

    Well, apart from doing crazy night shifts and such.

  3. Yeah, you're confused :-)
    Nearly three years ago (June 4th) I started working for ICT company A, as a SubCo from Agency B (my employer). I started at the Servicedesk with the idea I'd move into the Shift team which does the Out of Office Hours (OOH) of 24x7 support. Half a year later those "Shift activities" which the Servicedesk did were 'outsourced' to a different department, the Control Centre. A 24x7 Operations, Monitoring & Tooling division. They took over the OOH work of SD along with most of the people who did that work. Myself included. SD had been renting deskspace from CC already so it isn't that far fetched.

    Now, fast forward two years. Last October the Shift acitvities for the SD moved to Suriname which is a lot cheaper. Of all the people who'd joined the CC when they took over the Shift were fired at that time, except for me and a co-worker. We were kept on even after the official announcement came that OCC would close down Januari 2011. Januari 2010 I would have to leave the CC (and thereby Company A) except that we (the coworker and I) landed work in the Dayshift of the Servicedesk, where I started out 2.5 years before.

    Still working for Company A as Subco for Agency B. Now after my three month stint was up, Company A extended my contract by one month. This was stupid as they could at that time extend my contract just two more times. They wasted it on a single month even though they knew my boss at SD would preferably give me a full time contract. As of May 1st I'm once again assigned to the CC. My old CC boss wanted me and my coworker back. My SD Boss' boss didn't blink (think) and immediately agreed on my behalf without even the courtesy of asking me if I wanted this.

    I have till the 27th to train my replacements (yes plural, there's a reason my boss at the SD wanted to keep me). The reason CC wants me back is because they expect to close doors early October but they will have gaps in their manpower until then which he hoped to fill with myself and my coworker (who left in March for full contract employment at a hospital 2 miiles from his home for better pay. Lucky sod). I.e. some people have already left the CC and even though some will need to be pried loose they need some people to stay on till the doors close in October. My last extention made it so I can stay until October 1st.

    Most likely I'm going to have to work in one of the four teams out of five where people only mastered one discipline each. My old team consisted of just 8 people rather than the usual 10 and could drop down to as few as 5 without production running a risk. We'd even done it with 4 once or twice but those times were not planned or ment to occur. The other 4 teams would panic when headcount would drop under 8. I'm kinda suspecting I won't be rejoining my old team so I'm not that thrilled. The good news is that this means I'm getting the 28% shift bonus again. Which means that when I go on the dole, which is 70% of your last earned pay I'll be getting almost the same ammount of money as I get paid today for the dayshift.

    Hope this still makes sense :-)

  4. Ah, ok. I didn't realize you are currently still working for the same company as last year. I assumed the agency had found some other gig for you. It all makes sense now, and it does indeed look a bit grim coming October.

    And the title of this post seems to be quite suitable in many ways :)

  5. The reason for all that confusion is probably that when talking about this on the Blog I keep the company names out of it.
    Who's being daft then? Besides my employers :-)