Monday, May 10

It is still Fallen Earth

It has been a while since I have posted anything, so it is time for some more ramblings. But this I am cheering it up a bit with a few choice screenshots. All the screenshots had to come from Fallen Earth since that is still the only game I am seriously playing.

Pilatus is trying to sit relaxed and comfortable in South Burb.
But her short skirt makes her a bit too self conscience.

But I am not playing it a lot. I find myself often dilly-dallying before actually entering the wastelands. Reading up on FE forums posts, browsing through not too relevant websites, and even solving a silly Sudoku puzzle. I haven't really figured out yet why I do that. The most logic thing would be that I don't really feel like playing it anymore. But then I get on and be enthralled by the wide open world, and love running up and down, crafting complex vehicles, and talk to friends and clan members.

While crossing the plains Chennie is trying shoot some fresh lunch.

I had set myself a goal to explore some of the PvP areas a few weeks ago. I would just finish up my crafting work, and a few loose questing ends, and off I should go. That finishing up stuff took me a week. And I finally made it to New Gallows, the PvP area east of Haven. Only to find out it is actually not a PvP area anymore! Silly me. It had turned into a special Human League town quest-ish kind of place. They had new veteran NPCs. They were a fun challanging bunch. I got a request from a nearby Tech camp to kill some for a nice reward. But then Lani mentioned something about a dune buggy. So I rushed back to New Flasgstaff and locked myself up in the science lab (and went to Chicago for work).

It just learned it won't get shot at anymore.
A quiet life at the stables is awaiting.

I managed to build the buggy, and all the components from the raw materials Lani had send me. But diner parties, and whiskey drinking put a stop to further playing. In stead I read up on Tobold's EVE adventures. It really made me want to play EVE. I even blurred that out somewhere. Maybe I actually will do it.

We just stepped out of a Lifenet bunker talking to Graham.
Life in the wastelands can be very good sometimes.

Saturday I made it back home again, after circling north around Iceland. So I had time to pick up where I left of in Fallen Earth. But I didn't. In stead I went to Paragon City and went shopping for enhancements and a new costume slot for Sylva Varescu. She had turned 32 the last Sunday we played City of Heroes, and needed the upgrade before yesterday's session.

But as it turned out half the COH gang was out. And the other half is also playing Fallen Earth like me. So I ended up in the wastelands after all. And as usual we had a great time. We did some tough group missions at Last Stop, and an instanced fort near Devon. There were two bosses our level. On both bosses we got a team wipe (3 of us), but we got them on the rerun. It was epic fighting. And we got a truly stunning sunrise on top! I still love this game. (Or am I trying to convince myself here?)

No idea when I will have time to play this, but Steam had the entire Civilization IV collection on sale for 6.49 GBP. I just couldn't resist. I do know if I start that up I won't be back anywhere any time soon.


  1. I forgot to add the worst excuse for not playing FE. I wasted time playing some Pro Evolution Soccer 8 of my Xbox 360. Shame on me :)

  2. I so don't believe that for a minute. Not even a second.
    No way José. You totally didn't forget that.
    You just needed something to keep for the "I made a post but I don't want to be obvious about advertising it" comment.

    No worries, I do it too :-)

  3. Anyhoo, I heard it's possible to fire guns from the more advanced horses. Another reason for me to stick with motorized vehicles :-)

  4. - Hey, why isn't Pilatus running around, or sitting on benches with two trusty Six shooters but a pair of paintguns instead?

  5. Is that a Rainah I see in that picture?
    I've been meaning to ask what the coloured line means below people's name. I'm gusseing it means their faction rating as compared to your own but not sure. I'v seen lines that didn't span the whole name as well. Is that significant?

  6. *grin* You saw through my not too devious scheme.

    That horse is the basic level 5 horse. And I only pulled out my gun for show. I have never tried to actually use it from horse back. I don't even know if my current race horse allows it or not.

    Pilatus has indeed some great oversized shooting irons now. This screenie is a bit old, but still nice enough to be here.

    And no, that is a character made by Julie. She is quite the opposite of GameAmp's Rainah. I'll better leave it at that :)