Friday, April 9

War in Kryta

Just in case you haven't been following what's been going on with Guild Wars. ArenaNet started by creating a few sparse hints, followed by some cryptic clues and now on to this, a 'blog' by Historian Murro. 

On Facebook you can choose your side, being a double agent it was only natural for me to join both.
Some great fan art: 
Meanwhile in the game a new Shining Blade camp has appeared and most recently many aggressive White Mantle have been spotted throughout Kryta.

There's a big story unfolding here, it's a 200 year gap from GW to GW2, some of that story we can start to live, most we will have to observe from the sidelines. 


  1. Maybe it would be a good idea for me to finally play GW and learn the original lore before this story further evolves.

  2. Well, if you need a guide. There's probably no more knowledgable crew than the MUtants and I might be enticed into playing the nostalgia card. See how Oink's been doing and such.

  3. Interesting. Maybe I should finally make a serious attempt at finishing up Factions and um... the other one(s?)...

  4. P.s. great to hear from Pete again.
    Hope your body's cooperating a bit more these days mate.

  5. Oink..awwe bless him :)

    @Phe sadly that link gives a spoiler for the original story, there's still plenty more to explore across the 3 chapters and one expansion, I will say this though - Rurik is a sissy! :)

    @fracturedinfinity you have Nightfall (north African/Egyptian kinda feel, Palawa Joka is one of my favourite NPC's and good story line) and the expansion Eye of the North in which you will encounter Gwen again, age and experience has embittered her. EotN has some lovely pre-searing type areas, you won't find much in the way of dark bleak landscapes. It's also great to see you posting here again !

    @Lani Thanks, I am very pleased to report that I'm 99% pain free now and expecting that lingering 1% to fizzle out soon, which means more time for posting and gaming! woohoo!

  6. For the purposes of background lore coming up to GW2 and what is now beginning to appear on the web, you really only need the first installment (Prophecies) and the expansion Eye of the North. Anything above that is just more game play options. EotN introduces the new playable races (Norn, Sylvari and Asura) and allows for the less than easy alliance with some of the Charr.

    I think Factions is probably the weakest of the 3 chapters, it does though contain MU's favourite dungeon Urgoz's Lair and the only PvP option I enjoy which is Alliance Battles (12 v 12 capture shrines). I agree with fracturedinfinity, that initial city got claustrophobic real fast, getting out was a real breath of fresh air, the stone forests of the Kurzicks and the Luxon Jade Seas made it worth it in the end.

    Check the wiki if you want some in depth lore without playing here

  7. Gah, oh for an edit button, MU will kick me out for getting that wrong- It's Urgoz's Warren not Lair

  8. Well Geekzor, you may yet redeem yourself if you can explain something for me.
    I installed Guild Wars just for kicks just now and (after having to mess about regaining access to my accounts) I discovered that each and every character I ever made (except for Lani) now looks different. I don't mean appearance-hasn't-fully-loaded-yet different. I mean my red heads have gone brown, my dark browns gone blond and no-one is wearing his original style except maybe my Lani character who's dreds are a bit too tightly packed to see if they were originally red or brown.

    What gives? Was there some overhaul of appearance markers? If so do people get a free makeover? I saw in the store you can buy a pack of 5 makeovers but I'd be pissed and not about to play the game if I'd have to buy that pack to undo the damage ArenaNet did.

  9. Is this from the character select screen or have you gone in to the game with any of them? The select sometimes bugs. If you've gone in game with any and they still remain the same contact support, to my knowledge there has been no update that would affect how your characters look. Evil Geek and Ms Anthropy both look exactly the same as they did in 2005.

  10. It appears to have been that bug yes.
    Odd, I'd seen it happen occasionally, just not on a scope of each and every single character.

    Of course the make over pack is still very tempting, but it probably doesn't contain armor styles so I'll pass for now.

  11. Good glad that's sorted :)

    Armour styles are mostly only available by collecting the mats and getting the appropriate NPC to 'craft' it, you've got some catching up to do on that front.

    There are the Grenth's Regalia and Dwayna's Regalia 'costumes' available in the store should you fancy either of those.