Friday, April 9

A very thin line

The difference between an MMO, an FPS map, and a single player game is really disappearing in this upcoming game. I think this game will be a bit too console-y for my taste, but it is getting very close. I can see the majority of the PvP fans in Fallen Earth will move here. I think I will try it too as my sit-on-the-coach-and-use-my-xbox-for-a-change game. Now thinking that principle a bit further, I doubt I will make friends in the game. So it will mostly be PUGs? Basically 7 human controlled side kicks I never talk to since I will still refuse to use my voice in a game. Or will it just be a single player affair for me because of that?


  1. I found that youtube clip here. It has some more text too. But that was tl;dr for me :)

  2. If you just listen to the commentary without the images it sounds like a podcast explaining an MMO to people while trying very hard not to say the word MMO.

    I'm of two minds about this. Some of the idea's sound intruiging, but they did as well when Mythic was sprouting them as key selling features of Warhammer Online.