Tuesday, April 20

I wanna go home!

the reason for that, beyond general I hate my job and the sun is shining and my couch is comfy excuse is that when I left of Fallen Earth last night I ahd a huge que of new clothing items I was crafting.
At 10 mintues a piece (inside the Clothing lab) I would have had to stay up for another 90 mintues which was just too much.
I do love this feature about Fallen Earth. i get to look different frequently due to the craft every item in order to level up concept. Of course you ahve to wear everything you make at least for a little while.

So how did I end up with such a floodgate of clothing recipes all of a sudden?
Well, because I'm dumb.
Last Sudnay i finished my session with a bit of an unsatisfied feeling. I'd just made my very first "real" rifle. As opposed to copper pellet throwing Zip gun. This was an honest to god hunting rifle, firing HEAVY AMMO. Ok, one little cincher, my Science vendor only sells Light Ammo Recipes. So here iw as, at a enw tier of crafting and the opening Ballistics item is an awesome rifle which was heaven to shoot for the first five complementary rounds but with no means to make more rounds.

So Monday I began a journey Northwards to slightly higher level mobs and quests and in the mean while discovered that I could purchase Heavy ammo rounds by the case load (500 rounds) and that these last you about 2 hours if you hoard the ammo. Glancing forelornely through my Recipes i suddnely noticed that in my Zip Gun category was a manual I could write (some tradeskill items required) for advanced Zip Guns. Putting two and two together I quickly checked my Science recipes and lo! There was a research Medium Ammo manual I could write.
After purchasing some pen and paper from a local vendor I set to writing first a manual for Medium, then Heavy Armor. Bought the Recipe for making pens and cursed the lack of a paper recipe and went on a writing spree.

The result was I now have additional categories in Ballistics, Armorcrafting, Weaponry, Science and soon Nature tradeskills as well. Life in Fallen Earth is looking up. I gots plenty of mobs to kill and nodes to salvage for my new attire and kit. Phè's alt is due for some hand me downs as well I wager :-D
It also happens that i ended my session right next door to a camp of Night Wolf mercenaries, who drop a belt-buckle that counts as a scrap fastener for crafting, the most rare tradeskill resource in the lower tiers as far as I know. The additional vendor trash they drop is actually cost efficient to buying Heavy Ammo by the case load as well.

Just one hour more of this work to go and I can head home. I'll see about adding some outfit pics from Character select as well before publishing.

Edit: So here she is in her resplendant new S.W.A.T. scavenger gear:


  1. I really the not always obvious, but afterwards quite logical, options. Like the heavy ammo. It adds to that feel you are really trying to make it in the world, and not just chasing the xp progression bar.

    And I have had my 'I wanna go home!' days too. That crafting queue has some serious pull.

  2. Oops, I forgot 'like'. As in 'I really like'.

  3. I figured that was what you meant.

    Another thing I love about the game is hating Crabs.
    These slow moving pests are a real nuissance. They have a high aggro range but move relatively slow so you think you've shaken them off. However they will funt you for a very long time. What's worse. They'll attack your vehicle (and presumably mount as well) when you leave it unattended because you're harvesting nearby nodes.

    I guess that's a difference between old skool MMO's like Fallen Earth and the newer generations. To me this is fun. I also have the acuity to think that if there's such a thing as a repair kit for just about everything it's probably wise to stock up on one or more of each. (I actually make my repair kits myself and didn't know you make them in batches of 10 so I'm overstocked.)
    Other people get really upset because in stead of the reward-a-minute playstyle they've become used to they get "punished" for leaving their mount behind. Me I think it's just that choices have consequences, even in games. The constant thinking ahead and need to stay atleast semi-alert is what makes this game great.

    Last night they finally managed to reduce my ATV to a pile of rubble. Luckily the 10 repair kits stored within the untouched saddlebags were more than enough to get it up and running again.

    Don't get me wrong, I hate those bloody crabs, but I love hating them :-)

    It's also way cool how you can go from "Urgh, an annoying Coyote trying to molest me" to "Holy Crap! Where'd that bloody PACK come from and why are they all out to get me?" in under 30 seconds if you're not carefull. My tip, don't get of your bike to 'take care' of that one mob trailing you unless there's not a single red dot on the radar. Social aggro is a bitch and seems to double its range when you're actually fighting back.

    love it, love it.

  4. I haven't seen you this excite about a game in a long time! It is wonderful to read your joy. Now hoping the three or four other people that might read this can't help themselves and join us in the wastelands.

  5. No.

    Ok maybe.

    We'll see... but don't hold your breath.