Monday, April 12

Greetings from the Apocalypse

Just thought this had a real Postcard feel to it.


  1. Oh, very nice! Odinville got some of the most beautiful sunsets.

    I am using the sun and radio tower from this screenshot as my FE and FERP forums icon. I tried to turn in in a signature too, but it kinda failed. The days of signatures is a bit over.

    Fortunately the days of Fallen Earth are bright! I am thrilled to see you are having so much with it too.

  2. Yeah the sunsets are great.
    My main issue with the game right now is that it's so dark half the time.
    The world is actually pretty good looking but a tad drab. Night-time is dark and drab. That's a bit much.
    The night/day cycle could be a little weighted towards day rather than straight 50-50. That or lots of glowing mushrooms and critters or flashlights and the like. Anything to liven the place up a bit at night.

  3. Most of the time I have no idea if it is day or night. So I was a bit confused what you are talking about. My nights are no less drab than the days. But it might have something to do with settings apparently. An interesting discussion on this topic going on here (not sure if everybody can access that). I will play around with some settings tonight. My game looks quite different from some recent screenshots I saw here. (no idea if the two outside pictures are during day or night.)

  4. I can't access those forums just now but for me the difference between night and day in Fallen Earth is like Night and Day.
    Mainly it's a level of luminance.
    The night is simply really dark for me.

  5. To get bck to your question after a long while:

    this is what my nights look like.
    This is how the bar looks inside for me and:
    this is what the game looks like if you took your gamma settings from default to all the way up so you can see anything at any time even in pitch darkness.

    If how you see the game is more like the latter, you might want to either tone down on your monitor's brightness or the game's Gamma setting, which I haven't seen any for btw.