Sunday, April 25


1) Upon acquiring the companion dog, Mutt, in Fallen Earth and immediately trying the rename option I quickly learned that dog names, like player names, have to be unique.
Dogmeat (from Fallout fame) was already taken. So is Benji (from Benji fame) but Gaspode (from Terry Pratchett's Discworld fame) wasn't, yay!

2) Level 16 mutants have social aggro. It's best to realize this before taking potshots at a group of 5, or atleast don't try to do so while at level 15 yourself.

3) Gasoline is crafted in batches of 5, not 1. Don't freak out if you decided to start with a modest batch of 5 cans for your first gasoline refining session.

4) There's really nothing wrong with Zip guns and Air rifles. Seriously, the main benefit of the "Magnum Rimfire Rifle" over the "Snipershot Air Rifle" or the "Sportman's Crossbow" is that the Rimfire atleast actually sounds like a gun when it goes off and that's really all the advantage it needs after a week of 'pfft' 'pfft'-ing.

5) When surrounded by Wild Dogs attacking you in the middle of the night, the one sitting on its haunches presenting you with a paw to shake is probably Gaspode. Try not to get confused and don't waste precious ammo/time on him.

6) The recipe book "Refine Fasteners" will allow you to craft "Scrap Fasteners" (yay!) however crafting a single fastener takes about 1.5 times the time it takes you to gather/harvest/scavenge/plunder enough kit to sell for the 35 whit chips a fastener costs. It's also doubtfull you'll ever make enough "Scrap Fasteners" to break even on the cost of purchasing the book. Hopefully higher grade fasteners will make up for this.

7) There's no such thing as too much ammo. However, there are such things as carry weight allowances. Carry a melee weapon as backup.

8) Travel distances/time really aren't the problem in this game, it's the way you can't go anywhere without going "Ooooh, I can probably harvest/scabenge that!" and dismounting. It doesn't matter how fast your ride is, it's the (dis)mount time that counts.

9) Watchtower is the most northernly town with an auction house in Zone 1. This makes trying to win a bidding war from Trailer Park rather inconvenient (see map of Zone 1)

10) Dammit! Someone else realized this game needs an Edith ("E") Johnson. Just hope he/she stayed true to character.


  1. I was pleased to discover the mutt isn't too expensive, having spent everything on developing my wardrobe that will have to wait.

    So my faithful Old Nag is still by my side, she's been a trusty steed, shame to let her go, thing is, I've made a new horse (shush don't tell her), I've yet to discover how I can summon the new horse but I'm really hoping it doesn't mean a trip to the dog food factory for someone...

    I discovered all by myself that any journey takes at least 3 times longer than it should, must resist the urge to scavenge, but times are hard and clones gotta do what a clones gotta do.

    I've yet to discover the joys of ranged combat, I'm finding that Axe handle with a few rusty nails is ample for now.

    I've also found that running the game at the same graphics settings as you with a GTX 260 works a treat, except when I enter a populated area, theres some initial stuttering but it settles down nicely quite quickly.

    This is bad....last night I was up past 2am hunting and gathering, it's post midnight now and I did promise myself an early night, at least this time and just this once, I can't hold Lani 100% responsible *flashes the evil eye at Phe*.

    This time around I find myself living the life of a survivor rather than just playing another MMO.

    Time for a good nights rest safe in the knowledge there's a crafting queue getting shorter while I sleep tonight.

  2. The local horse population at Embry Crossroads liked my new hat

  3. Hmm, Old Nag. Might be a few weak adhesives and a scrap of leather on there...

    To put her out to pasture you need to visit a stable manager. There you can put Nag away and only then pull out the new steed. I can have both dog and ATV out so I presume this works with the lifestock option as well?

    Oh and do let me know when your trial restrictions are lifted. I can probably help with that wardrobe :-)

    Good point about the living the life of a wastelander. (sorry, more Fallout-speak)
    The other day I read a good post about what's important, levelling or what the new levels enable you to do. Fallen Earth is definately a game where the levels aren't a goal but a means.

    Glad to hear it's for once not all Lani's fault :-)

  4. Oh and the Embry Crossroads'population and all their textures makes me lag for a few moments as well, despite 12 GB of RAM....

  5. I'm pleased Old Nag hasn't met an untimely end, don't get me wrong if food is sparse I won't be turning down some horse stew.

    I'm not on a trial account, this is the free ten days they handed out after the graphics overhaul. The mail system came in handy for sending the resources from my old character to my new one, who has already out leveled him.

    I made a few initial mistakes assigning my AP points, at lvl 6 I'm not going to worry too much. I'll be visiting all the starting towns to raid their resources and help out the locals.

  6. I'll see about getting you some clothes to wear tonight then. Olwyn's been focussing on Armorcraft/ballistics/Science with a side line in Weaponry.

    Don't worry too much about AP's. For PvE it's ok to make mistakes. I'm running a dual build actually. Both Crafter and Rifleman skillsets. There's AP giving quests in all towns in Zone 1, so if you want to collect them all you'll have quite some work to do. You might as well do both AP and ATV questlines then. The ATV questline ends with you being able to craft ATV's I believe. As I already got one for free (somehow I ended up with a new account it seems and a freebie ATV came with) I don't need it.

    At some point I'll have to use my puppy dog eyes on Phè and provide a lot of mats for a dune buggy I suspect :-)

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  9. Nice list of observations, Lani!

    Geeky, I am so happy to hear my pestering with Fallen Earth goodness has caused you to lose a good night sleep. Mission accomplished, I think. FE is different in many ways. But mostly I like the idea we are not there to rise up in the world to become the hero that saves it all. We are just another bum trying to survive. Like no other game I feel like living rather playing it.

    I got my mutt only yesterday, and I love it. I was very impressed by it. It is all fluff. But it really livens up my wanderings. They did an awesome job on it. Renaming was a bit of a hassle for me too. Settled for Nyamaza after several failed attempts. It means "Shut Up!" It comes from a Swahili childrens book about a dog that didn't want to keep quiet. I didn't know our mutt makes no sound yet :)

    You can have up to 6 vehicles/horses parked at the garage/stables. So Old Nag can live her last days in comfort. Many players have spare vehicles just for storage space. Which is not so much overkill if you want to be a cooking chef.

    I have the fastener recipe too, but never used it. Finding the raw materials to make one fastener takes longer than finding that fastener. And I needed plenty of them lately. I think I went through over 200 of them to make my dune buggy. I've not gotten high enough yet to know if making higher level ones will be needed.

    Also good to know that Trumbull is the last place with a barter vault. Odinville, Embry,and Oilville are the others. There is another place that is not on the map, but I'll let you find that one yourself.

    I had to look up who Edith was. Somehow I have the feeling I have seen it, but I am actually pulling a blank. So I went to and bought it for 3 pound :)

    (ggrrr! triple weird. first my comment didn't show. So i posted it again, and then it did show. So I deleted the second one and both disappeared! So here is number 3. I am sure all three will show now.)

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  11. That's why currently I'm not using the Barter vault anymore. Just not frequent enough access to it. Then again, Trumbull is where my hat currently hangs so maybe it's an option right now.
    My ATV is packed with gasoline cans, spare air-rifle, spare-Sports crossbow, ammo for both and some spares for my magnum, a book to read (I completed one of the Embry library thingies but have yet to turn it in) a skirt for if I want to go dancing and occasionally the heaviest stack of gear from my backpack. Maybe getting a nag of my own for another 20 slots is an idea.

  12. Both my sector and barter vault are completely stuffed. My plan was to use barter vault for 2nd tier items (like salvaged copper, frayed cotton etc), but that means I have to visit barter vaults too frequent now. I am quite in a fix at the moment because I am not even close to any vault. And towing my ATV here for some space will cost be a few blue. I love these complexities :)

  13. (Now both Lani's and my response don't show. Just trying to add this in the hope it will make them show.)

  14. Yeah, that was my plan as well originally.
    I soon realized it would be a pain though.
    I'm considering dumping the books in there though, and some stuff I haven't found a use for yet like silver and tinfoil.

    Oh and Cherry 2000 may be a bit long in the beard now and was considered rather cheesy at the time. Personally I liked quite well, maybe because it wasn't quite like the steam-mill blockbusters of the time.

  15. Just wondering, have you considered mules yet?
    Alts for the express purpose of their vault space?
    There's a couple of ammo crafters who have alts that they park in a at that time empty field of resource X (copper, lead, chemicals) and run a daily harvest run with (or a couple of times a day) and send their stuff to central crafter who makes the ammo all day an puts it on the auction house.

    I had a discussion with one of those people who claimed anyone not doing it that way was just lazy. My argument was that doing it with one character is more 'True' for me but I just can't do the same things he does in the same amount of time. Not that I thnink he's doing it wrong or anything. He's playing the game, I'm immersing myself in the virtual world.

    Still, maybe one alt near Midway which has a good range of crafting staple ingredients is sometimes tempting...

  16. You can only send one item a time, so it doesn't really work handy to use alts for storage. I have been using Pilatus as an S1 shopper a couple of times. She will pick up or buy some items that are only available in S1 and mail them to Chennie. But I am not mass producing anything to need such tactics as one of those people thinks is must-have.

    So yeah, an alt in southern S1 is handy to have. The area Mumford, Odinville, Midway and Embry will get you all you need.

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    Ok, not really, but all work and no play makes fi a bit cranky.

  18. Ehm...
    Come play with us, we're all floating down here?

  19. I haven't played Fallen Earth for nearly two months now. Since my account is still open I really need to get back in. To get myself going I finally watched my Cherry 2000 DVD. It was indeed rather cheesy. But in a nice way. Very 80s.