Monday, April 19

Cautionary images from Fallen Earth

After Geekz0r's confession here that my review post on Fallen Earth made him want to hit the resubscribe button on Fallen Earth I thought it best to post a few cautionary pictures as well:

First, these are my settings. Note that every F*-ing slider is at max. Not every videocard will do that. To boot I have an ATI brand card, which the boys and girls at Icarus used to develop Fallen Earth on. Experiences may differ using different (brand) cards.
P.s. this screen supposedly has the Gamma slider. I can't spot it though.
Also interesting, WIndows' own screenshot taker has a much greater quality loss than FRAPS has as evidenced by the decay on the text in that image.

Epic battle for the Trash Bags just passed.
Ok, this I put in purely because I think the shot is funny. I went for the trashbags and discovered 'Thugs" have an above average aggro range. It was quite the pitched battle for two scrap fasteners.

This is how dark the caves can get. Notice the difference between flash-light area and the surroundings. Note: this is as dark as it gets though.

The dark sometimes hides gruesome scenes...
No matter how much the graphics get amped, it's still post apocalyptic downtown Nevada with all its gruesome brownishness. I hear Zones 2 and 4 have more colour though. Phè can confirm / dispute.

Also, they do patches on Monday.


  1. Doh! Spotted the Gamma slider!

  2. I will have to check the FE gamma slider now. I didn't even know FE had that function. I had tried to switch things from inisde the game.

    My nvidia display settings work a bit weird. It has two settings. Either let app itself decide or follow specific nvidia settings. Apparently I had it set to let app decide. So I changed that and got my desktop to look darker. But when I got into FE it looked like it just referred back to the original settings.

    I will see how it goes and show some comparison screenies too.

    Sector 2 has more green grass, and sector 3 has loads of trees. There are real forests in Kaibab Forest. But there is still enough gruesome to go round too.

  3. Game is currently updating, I had the free 10 days sitting on my account, good way to jump back in and see if I can get in to it, and test the graphics of course :)

  4. Whew! That's a good thing. I was running out of enticing screenies.
    All I had left was this one but somehow I felt that Olwyn showing some leg wouldn't be what'd finally pull you over :-)
    I did spy with my little eye a geeky sort of fella on Steam being online but not ingame anywhere and started to hope.

    No worries Fractured. There'll be other games. GW2 For instance :-)

  5. Nahkti is running around thirsty for blood, seems the cloning process didn't wipe all his memories. He found his old car, it had been stripped of anything of use. He headed back in to South Burb, someone is gonna suffer for this!

  6. Aww man. That's harsh. The car I mean, not what the cloning process did to your face. I won't dare comment on that ;-)

  7. You should have seen him prior to his 'rebirth', getting in melee range means stun before he lifts a finger :)