Tuesday, November 3

Zombies nibbling your neck

It has been quite a long time. Maybe going down the Ksaravi Gulch during a short return to Vanguard. Or a journey into the subway of Borealis. And that was already last year. So I was thrilled and excited yesterday when I go run off into the unknown with Lani at my side once again. The task we set out to do sounded easy enough. We just had to upload some computer program on a lifenet computer station.

(someone'd just ridden out of the frame...)

As we were getting near the station the we started to see zombies wandering aimlessly around. Fortunately on horse back we were fast enough to avoid all of them. Then we reached the rim of a rather large crater with a bunker like building at the bottom. Which was of course where we needed to be. What I didn't expect was that the roaming zombies all came from there. They were everywhere!

We found a good spot to stall our horses, and we started clearing the path towards the station. The zombies really acted like zombies. Unlike other creatures, shooting them didn't make them rush towards you. They just kept coming at their slow steady pace. We managed quite nicely to drop them with our crossbows before they reached us. And so we reached the door feeling pretty confident. Our team play worked wonders! As soon as we opened the door ten more zombies swarmed us. It got a bit hairy and panicky, but we managed to disperse all of them.

So we proceed inside and find a lot more of them down the stairs. It looked like a perfect funnel for us to tick them off one by one. And we did. But we heard some other sounds and then I felt it too! We had zombies nibbling at our necks. No idea where they came from, but they were there. And they had us trapped. A few seconds later we were piled up on the floor with the other pieces of meat. It was a hard lesson learned.

Good way to filter your Inventory

Fortunately we got ourselves reanimated at the nearest lifenet terminus. Which turned out not to be familiar Midway, but some farmstead called Clinton. We stood outside a bit dazed for a moment, and then the reality sank in our horses were still near the computer station. And we were 'here'.

It was wonderful!


  1. Now that sounds like a real adventure, good luck battling your way back through the zombies to your horses!

    Once Ooku is a little more confident with combat he will be available to help :)

  2. *grin*
    It was loads of fun Phè

    I took the liberty of adding two screenies I'd made that night to the post. And we could definately use the help Ooku Jones. Those Quests marked with some icon either meaning Dungeon or Group are tough :-)

  3. Oh, those pictures are perfect! Thanks.

    Last night after diner I couldn't resist myself and got back online for a little bit with Thoay (only level 1) who was doing her thing for the environment and all creatures that live in it in South Burb. While walking through the perfectly organized and maintained corn fields I saw somebody by the name of Ooku Jones asking a question on 'help' and I decided to add some additional info. I had no idea it was Geeky, but fortunately he was still awake enough to recognize my name.

    Looking forward to see Ooku for real soon. The zombies are there for the Halloween event. Not sure how long they will be around.