Thursday, November 5

The Science of Fallen Earth

This isn't a Post of Wisdom, just me thinking and rambling out loud.
Feel free to join in and start a discussion.

Fallen Earth Crafting has two spheres:
Sphere 1: Baisc gear
This sphere encompasses Armourcrafting, Ballistics and Weaponry.
These are pretty much selfexplanatory.

Sphere 2: Reusables
This Sphere encompasses Cooking, Mutagenics and Medicine.
These different takes on what you'd be used to from Fantasy MMO's. Cooking is pretty normal, providing low level buffs for extended time (usually an hour, probably longer at higher levels) . Mutagenics provide bigger short term bursts, more like potions in Fantasy MMO's and Medicine is the usual band aid and debuff removal.

Split up in Nature (harvesting/skinning) Geology (prospecting/mining) and Scavengning (dumpster dumping)
These are essentially the same ability with a few themes. Regardless of what your crafting specialty is, developping these skills is recommended as there's an obvious interdependency at least on the materials level.

Odd ones out:
I left ou Science so far. Also the Horse Training Tradeskill set. The latter is arguable not crafting. Animal husbandry normally isn't considered such. But Science, which is the miscellaneous catch all set, allows for motorized mounts and definately is a crafting skill. Besides. Horse Training is set up as a tradeskill with producables such as feed and veterinary kits.

Science is a bit of an odd one out. You can make perma-buffs for weapons like scopes with it, or components. Making it a bit like Augmentation crafting from Fantasy MMO's. But it's also the Dyes tradeskill, and you can make vehicles through it. It's almost as if this was supposed to be a third Sphere (Augmentation) but they didn't have enough parts for it, or decided to keep the number of Tradeskills down and they ended lugging Vehicles in with it. Odd that Horse Training isn't part of Nature then. Or is it?

Actually, my description of each Tradeskill except maybe the first three are too narrow. The developers did a nice job of making things just a little not so clear cut. Very Anarchy Online-esque in a way. Actually that's what Fallen Earth feels like.

A Modern Day AO.

Just slightly less heavy on the ovscure interdependency and Excell sheet skills requirements.
Also without waiting 24-49 seconds for your "Automatic Rifle" to be able to fire another few rounds. And that's a good thing in my opinion. I'm glad Phè convinced me to give it another shot.
Anyway, it's probably a good idea to pick one Tradeskill from the first two spheres, all the gathering ones, and either Horse trading or Science. Player trading and / or buddy gift culture should take care of the rest.

Gathering isn't a necessity at first as basic components can be bought at premium rates from NPC's. No doubt though that later on this will either disappear or you'll find you need rare parts which aren't for sale at the least. Actually I hope the components will always stay available from NPC's. Even at high rates. Good money sink. I still recommend lots of Gathering. From what I can tell each Gathering skill provides components for each of the Crafting Tradeskills.

In closing, Phèdre found a very nice information site here:

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  1. Yes, Fallen Earth feels very AO-ish, only with a lot of things that were missing added. And considering there are only three zones now, and they are dreaming to expand it to ten zones (zone 4 is supposedly "done"), I couldn't be happier.

    At the moment I am basically doing nearly everything. Which is actually a pity I can do that. It means there is no use for alts. They will do the same everything. Thoay is walking around in South Burb which is new and somewhat different, so that is good, but once she is level 5 she will probably be a duplicate of Chennie.

    I had added the Globaltech Atlas to our handy 'Other sites' box last week. But if I don't mention it you would of course never notice it :)