Monday, November 9

Life and times in Odinville

Odinville Highstreet

A couple of days ago I had made my first visit to Odinville. It was my first journey away from Midway. I spend my time just having a look around town. Before I had a change to talk to the local people I got whisked away to fight Zombies somewhere between Midway and Clinton FARM. And as I had posted earlier that adventure left me stranded in Clinton FARM. But before I left I had the change to visit the high street. The two people you see walking there are an estate agent showing prime real estate to his customer.

After our zombie adventure I hang around in Clinton FARM and had a few interesting courses in pathology, surgery, and medicine. As well as some search and rescue operations. I even did my bit together with other clones to stop a full scale attack by the blade dancers on the local mine. (the game had a different swing on the concept of a public quest.) In the end I had more or less learned everything there is about the area. I had been tasked to do a full scale sweep of the mine, but it requires a team. (We should team up and give this a try together with another attempt at the zombies soon!)

Posing for the camera with my new horse

So I packed my bags, and headed back to Odinville. Along the way I passed a container storage facility, which is turned into a free for all killing zone. Since I felt all knowing after my work at Clinton FARM I decided to have a look. Before I properly realized what it meant some bully was shooting down my horse. Old nag is not exactly the toughest of horse so she collapsed almost instantly. I managed to get off in time and run to safety. Still not having learned my lesson I walk back in and *pew* *pew* I am dead.

There is a lifenet terminal very close by, but I had enough of playing shooting target so I set off to walk to Midway. While hiking the wilderness I realized I so need a new horse. As I reached the outskirts of Midway I stop at the horse merchant to buy an untrained horse, some feed, and a training kit. It was all I needed to train myself a new horse. In the end I was only set back 3 blue chips, so not that bad. Of course it takes some time to get the horse in shape, so I continued on hiking to Odinville. By the time I reached there, and helped out a poor farm girl along the way, my horse was ready for its first ride. (As it turned out Old Nag was not really lost. I could tow her carcass to the stables and probably heal back to life again, but for now she is parked there.)

A view from Odinville's watchtower

Now that I made it back to Odinville it was time to get busy. Plenty of work to do in this fancy town. A bit surprising those CHOTA fools actually made such a decent town. There was even a completely stable and intact watchtower. It gave a nice view over the city. Of course there are problems too. And a lot of them of the nasty kind. The villains and critters around are quite a bit tougher than in Midway or Clinton.

Me, my horse, and a grave robber

Another very surprising yet very cool thing happened just outside town. I was just roaming around a bit after visiting the mining facility where its miners seem to be turning into zombies. I ran into a valley that was filled with roaming grave robbers. I am not completely sure why they were there, since I actually didn't see that many graves, but that is not too important. What was surprising how they reacted when I tried to attack one of them. I shot an arrow from my crossbow, and in stead of that the robber came running to me, he dropped to the ground to take some cover and started shooting arrows back at me! The sneaky girl! I was a bit dumbfounded, but realized quick enough I could do the same. It was pretty epic.

(I even had some time to play my usual Sunday City of Villains fun. And that went successful too. Our entire group made it to level 50. Woohoo! Corporal Picker can now hang up her Arachnos uniform and open the inn she always dreamed about.)


  1. We should really try to team up soon and do one or two of the group missions. Maybe tonight before Lani is off for his night shift?

  2. Tonight is not so good for me, maybe tomorrow ?

    Ooku found his way into Odinville on saturday, not many quests for such a lowbie but a nice change of scenery.

    Poor Old Nag

  3. When I saw an e-mail notification that Phèdre had commented on an unknown post my thought was "Goody! Something to read and maybe respond to while at work tonight..." :-)

    So many demands on my time off late.
    I love to visit post-apocalyptic Earth with you guys, but Felderen also needs saving from an invasion of the Blight, there's people to see in Second Life, a Mom with Alzheimer to savour, a home to prepare moving to/from, a new job to find before year's end and some local friends insisting I need a Social Life right now...

    Sorry, no promisses prior to Thursday and even that is iffy my friends. It brings me joy to read of the fun you're having.

  4. Mom + quality time is a simply must do for all the obvious reasons. Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful events at any point in life so I reckon your friends might be right that some social time is pretty important for you right now. Having said that some social time killing stuff on-line with your friends is probably good for you too *grin*.

    I couldn't resist the purchase of Dragon Age today, I used up my 'Game reward points' in the purchase to get me a hefty discount and pleased that I did, the first few hours already has me speculating on how the political landscape within the mage camp is going to map maybe hooking up with you guys in FE (which we simply MUST do) later rather than sooner will give me a little more time to explore that world a little more.

    But yeah we must go forth and kill stuff sometime soon!

  5. All very good reasons, Lani! Congratulations on your new place. No matter how much I enjoy both of yours company I understand there are more things to life than Fallen Earth. From Saturday through the next Saturday I am off frolicking in the states again. Maybe after that we can get together.

    I haven't stepped into the world of Dragon Age yet because I'm still utterly absorbed by Fallen Earth. But I will get there too for sure. On a side note, I couldn't resist buying Torchlight off Steam though. Even starting that up is taking precious minutes away from live in Odinville, so I haven't :)

  6. The zombies are still there, but the halloween event and the quest giver have been deactivated. Not that that would stop use from going forth and kill stuff sometime soon :)