Saturday, November 7

Common decency

This is pure a rant. And it are probably the first signs I am turning into a crumpy old guy. But it irritates considerably nonetheless.

In Fallen Earth a lot of the NPCs are inside buildings, often even upstairs. Although the game allows it, I wouldn't think of crossing the doorstep on horseback. But plenty of players are just barging in without a second thought. I was at the ER in Clinton FARM, which is on the second floor. There are three beds where some NPCs are twitching in pain, and I am trying to heal them a bit with bandages and in comes this rude ape on horse crushing through. Of course telling him to get off didn't help much. Is it really that hard to use normal common decencies in a beautifully crafted online world?

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  1. Alas it is.

    Fallen Earth is actually less bad than most games. Remember the boat litter in Vanguard? Or the dozen or so horsed people around an auctioneer? Vanguard first enforced dismounts inside buildings, then put all the most commonly needed NPC's outside those buildings...

    And then I'm not talking about people intentionally doing annoying things. It isn't even John Gabriel's Greater Internet Dickwad Theory at work. That takes intent.

    This is something different. Getting of your high horse is a few seconds delay. In most MMO's today that's almost the entire mean time between rewards...
    Why bother if it isn't enforced?
    It seems to be a general believe that unless common decency is enforced, and not always then it seems since baiting the cops is becoming a sport as well, it's not worth the bother since there's no immediate tangible reward to it..
    One shouldn't expect it to be any more common than common sense.

    Yeah, I too am sounding like a grumpy old man complaining at today's youth. I still say one of the gravest insults you can make about someone is to say "he learned his social graces playing online games"...