Friday, July 24

PC & Phe approved funnies


And here's a classic favorite of mine:

During my boring but final Night shift of this cycle I decided to make a statistical anlaysis of my work days. To see how often I'd have a Saturday off, or how many days I'd have to bail out on a Tuesday evening weekly Sneak Preview Movie.
By going over every Saturday of the year 2009 I counted 11 Night shifts, 10 Morning shifts, 20 days off (yay!) and 9 Late shifts. From this we can deduce that on any given day I have a 40% chance of having the day off and 20% chance of having one of the three shifts.
Of course I could have deduced that from the simple fact that out of a 10 day cycle I have 4 days off and 2 each of Morning, Late and Night shifts, but that way I wouldn't have been mucking about with a calendar for half an hour, giving me something to do. Ok, and I only realized it after I did all that :-)


  1. The first clip is impressive! Very impressive. Sheep are such brilliant animals. Really well done. The mona lisa was a bit overkill though.

    The cat herders is indeed a classic. I love the subtle details they had put into it.

    But I got the biggest laugh out of your ingenius analysis of your Saturdays off percentages. I would/could have done exactly the same. And then spent an hour analyzing my own epiphany.


  2. Yeah, it was one of thos "Oh right, THAT's what math is useful for!" moments :-)