Friday, July 10

The Yammob collective in real life

Here's the proof

Geekzor - Phedre - Lani

3 smiley happy chappies obviously not nerd enough to lack social skillz, we must try harder! at least two of us had the nerd credentials of eyewear firmly on display.

It was a pleasure getting together with these people I've spent so much online time with, unfortunately for me the need to be a social butterfly (nerd credentials down again) and my impending departure from blighty the following day mean't little time spent with my fellow bloggers. The few snatched moments were great.

My flatmate may have recoiled in horror at some of our nerdspeak, but experience says this is always the way of first time RL meets while we break the ice :)

It was a real birthday treat.


  1. Seeing how those nerd glasses seem to protect you all from the evil eye effect I almost wish I need them.
    Sadly my vision impairement is one caused by distrophy in the optic nerve. I.e. it takes me 20-40 seconds to focus one of my eyes. No glasses can compensate for that.

    I think your flatmate bore up well under the onslaught of nerddom, amply helped by the Mohito drinks :-P