Wednesday, July 8

Reaction Time

I started at 239 ms and got it down to the 190's in the last two of five tries but I guess my age is showing.

What's your reaction time?


  1. Woot! My reaction time is two days. My apologies for being so quiet this past week. I have been at a rather draining C++ course. I really couldn't make myself to post or reply to anything. But all is well now. My brain is filled up with more semi useful info, and knowledge how to make twisted coding contraptions.

    Not sure if last evening was the best time for me to check my reaction time, but my age is showing even more. I started off around 280, and managed to get a few low 200's. But also plenty of 300's. So I didn't manage to get the average much below 250.

  2. I just made it into the top 100 with an average score of 175 on five tries. I got in a lucky shot at 75 ms and the rest was 190 to 203.
    But outside of that lucky shot, my average seems to lie around 210.
    And that's with a rather easy visual trigger. Giventhe ammount of data you'd be processing playing an online game (whether it be FPS or MMO) I think it's safe to say for me there's no problem with playing a game that has a ping of slightly under 200. 14 year old kids might accomplish an average of 100 (even though the lowest recorded average is 115) for their FPS'es but the rest of us can probably do with 5 data-based updates per second rather than 10, as long as anticipation software makes the animations smooth.