Monday, July 27

Last page of the book

For a while there is this new add on TV for some new phone. And it sums up nicely why there no great MMOs anymore.

Especially the comments like read the last page of a book and watch the last 15 minutes make my skin crawl. Welcome to the future.

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  1. There's a lot wrong with the assumptions made about peo;ple in that video, one of them being their accuarcy which is probably too high for comfort, but I think my find of the day tops yours.

    SO wrong on so many levels...
    Objectifies women.
    Denegrates male the Comicon audience by assuming they'll love it and not be offended too.
    Subjects not only EA's own Babes to harassment but every woman in cosplay costume.
    Just plain morronic.
    Is probably aimed specifically at people with a moral compass arguing in public venues hoping that kids will become more interested as they do when morality knights get huffy about games like GTA.