Friday, April 10

Bloggy thingy is like really intimidating

After we sort of got surprised by our own seemingly endless flow of stuff to type Lani created Bodycount!. As a result of that post I started firing off emails to all kind of people. Well, not really all kind of people, more to a few great people I call friends. And all of them were happy to hear from me, and even more happy to see the three of us are still doing our 'thing'. One response I got back sums up so perfectly how all of them think. I think.

Soooo... i read your bloggy thingy :D its good seeing you all back together on the same page again I got little happy tears. I have never read a blog, norposted on one. So its like really intemidating to me. I guess i will be a lurker till i figure it out. :D

I'll leave it to you to figure out who said that. But I would have actually very much agreed with it a month or two ago. Hell, even this morning I felt like that. But 10 comments later I have my groove again.

I think our blog is not really a blog. Not in the sense of the soapbox telling the world how it is. It is more like the pub at the corner. We say things here that don't fit in the chat window online, or make sense as a private email. And just like in the pub, it is a case of the more the merrier. Is there anything we can do to make it more accessable?


  1. So true!
    I wish I knew hwo to make the bar to participate lower for our lurkers.
    I wish I could convince Google to turn this annoyingly small comments thing into a regular post tool as used for the main topics.
    I wish one or two of our lurkers would step beyond that and engage in true conversation through the comments or, oh happy day, ask to be allowed to start a topic of their own!

    By the way, if you have any kind of mail application or some such that has news feeds, make sure to subscribe to the comments (link is at the top) that way you can follow conversations going on after a month :-)

    Seriously, we're not some Big Bad Blog! We don't need so many Blogs. This really is more of a British pub here. Let me get you a drink and you can spin a yarn of your own.

  2. It's a small bar, friendly staff, the booze is cheep, my current favourite tipple is a cocktail called 'Hyborian Hammer'. It's effect usually makes me ramble but the clientele are friendly enough not to get too impatient with me.

    The locals don't bite and theres a few empty seats by the fire, grab a drink, pull up a chair and let us know whats your favourite tipple ?

    See it as a small forum with a small population of fellow gamers who are neither 1337 and not confined to talking about one game.

  3. Lani said:

    "I wish I knew hwo to make the bar to participate lower for our lurkers."

    Hmm...I have an idea. Stop being so awesome at writing articles. ;)

    Phe, I have a hunch about who said that. I could be wrong. Probably am...

    Anyway, I've been hangin out in GW again lately, if anyone would like to join me. I finally finished the Factions campaign the other day. Took me long enough I

    -the entity formerly known as BP

  4. Ha ha ha! Ok, well;
    How about you paying that compliment with each article one of us writes and we pick up the conversation from there?

    And there's nothing wrong with taking 4.5 years to complete a 4 month campaign. Really, nothing at all... :-)

    I peeked in on GW in the fall of last year. There was no spark, and no jump. So I'm afraid it's not making its way onto my new pc anytime soon. It's still on the old one though.