Monday, April 27

NCSoft doesn't care about Aion?

Hmmm, odd...

I was cancelling my CoX subscription today, I'd kept it open because I wanted to try out the Mission Architect system and I still can, until May 15th. But so far the inclination hasn't been there.
So I decided to cancel the sub and make Vanguard my official fallback MMO to play while looking for something better, or failing that newer, to come along. (more on that soon)

But here's the thing, NCSoft presents you with a voluntary exit-survey for you to take.
Now I know these things are notorious for never being updated at all, but I was surprised to notice in the "have you / are you / do you intend to be playing" category a distinct lack of Aion as a 'looking forward to' option.

That stuff like Champions Online (launches in July) or Jumpgate Evolution isn't in there (launches in June) aren't on there I can understand. You don't want to give people suggestions now do you? But your own up-and-coming MMO? That should be on there don't you think?
I probably should be thankful Auto-Assault isn't listed as an option, Tabula Rasa still is though.

On a side note, I've jsut forcably janked off the wrist-support ledge on my Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 and threw it over the balcony. I know, I know, But we're facing an unused lawn and it's raining so no-one is out there breaking the law by letting their dog poo on there. It's supposed to be ergonomic, help me combat RSI, or CANS as it's called nowadays, and all that. But;
A: I can't type worth a shite on the KB with the wrist-tension-reducing ledge up
B: I have to twist my entire body into some kind of healthy position to even type worth a shite, which gives me cramps all over. Bah!.

The judges (me) are still out on the angled keyboard sections. I still hit the wrong keys a lot, but I'm willing to tough that out for a while longer.

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