Sunday, April 5

Sunday Screenshot Showoff Post #2

With Phè out of blogging commission for the week and Geek a self admitted disciplineless anarchist. I guess this weeks Sunday Screenshot Showoff Topic is once again up to me.

The consequences of this are that this week's topic will be an ode to Coilla, my little ADHD Goblin Rogue in Vanguard.
I love how she looks right now. She's got together a set of social armor all in shades of purple and pink to complement her green skin. I'm actually working on a second set, jungle togs.
Don't worry, in both outfits she's bristling with weaponry, ranging from the oversized crossbow you could stab someone with to the huge crossguardless Raider's Shortsword and the nicely curved throatslitter. Not visible is her arsenal of flechette and smoke bombs and poison dart blower.
In all honesty, I'm not using half her arsenal or abilities.
Regarless, she's a joy to work with, though I do get turned around a lot in the Jungle.

Coilla's working on getting herself a Shadowhound Mount to ride. Eventually she'll be aiming for an Mortak Okami Mount but that's a looooong way off. For the time being she's making due with a little wolfpup named Timber.

Creepy crawling into Trengal Keep in search of Worgs.

Can't reach to slit your throat? No prob. Plenty of other arteries to pick from

Trying to teach Timber some tricks

Coilla's more a dog person than a cat person. Sorry

Random image of dawn over Infineum Plateau in Qalia.
No Coilla in this picture

Just look at that shish-ke-bab cooking set

Ding 30! Checking out the City Faction Moutns.
Nice doggy.

Think I'll go for the Shadowhound instead.


  1. Where does Timber come from? I remember shamans had a bear, wolf or phoenix pets. Is it a special quest reward, or just a mutt that decided to follow you for your charming personality?

  2. The poor thing was put in a green package with a ribbon around it and just left there for months.
    Coilla opened it and found him inside along with some potions and furniture. Apparently this is a recurring ritual in Telon. She's found packages labelled 3, 6, 9 and all the way to 15 months.