Friday, April 3

Vanguard: Living in Telon

One of the features of Vanguard, Saga of Heroes which I liked a lot more than Phèdre did, is housing. Kettle used to have her cute little cabin in what's called Northern Stonepike Ridge in eastern Thestra:

Don't be fooled by the Griffin, you could barely reach it by bird. It's a nice Highlands in the Snow kinda place. I loved it.

Since rejoining the game I realized I'd really like a little hovel to call my own again.So with Phè "out of the way", she's in Chicago for the week, I set about finding a different location to put my hat down this time. I checked several locations in Qalia first. The spot of our Legion's HQ has become deserted and to be honest the Qalian islands all look the same to me with circular rows of houses. Neat if you got a bunch of friends to stake out one such circle, but otherwise it's too suburbian.

See? Kettle loving her home :-)

Kettle went on to check the Kojani islands for options, spurred on by Coilla who hails from Martok which has two housing islands nearby.
As it happened, the slot next to Sajeera, an old friend from the Legion was free and available. It used to belong to another officer in the Legion, but like so many he has since moved on.
Much as I like the Kojani flora, I just don't like the buildings, mostly the interiors. This is aggravated by the fact that I love the Martok style. So if I were to build a home here, that'd be a scabbed wound I'd keep picking at.

So back to Thestra we went and after much scanning of shores and islands for the perfect spot, I settled upon...
The same exact spot I put my old cabin on.
I have no idea why it was even still available. People don't like bear-traps and pike-fences in their backyards? Or is there a problem with a Level 35 Frostwing winging through the front yard every 25 minutes?

So, after putting down 10 Gold for the plot and nearly a whole Platinum (100 Gold) for materials I built me a small Thestran one story house with thatched roofing and moved in. As you can see, picking the same spot had me at least pcikign a different style home. The Cabin's the cheapest Thestran house you can build, the One Story is just a bit posher, though nothing compared to the two Big House options.

Even though all the materials that had gone into the original cabin were lost to me, all my old posessions had been kept for me in escrow. So furnishing my home wouldn't be bankrupting me immediately. In addition to that, some veteran rewards had come my way and these mainly consist of furniture sets yo play with.

Being a Halfling means having a well stocked larder

Notice how Kettle changed a bit over time, without my intervention.
Devs made some changes to the 'skeletons'.

Two vet rewards: a Rindol Field's Halfling sized bed, and the Martok one (the fur rug)


  1. It does look cozy. Taqe is still a bit too wet behind the ears. Maybe I should bring back my old toons. You seem to be having good fun with them. So I probably will too, right?

  2. I honestly don't dare to advise you on that last question.
    I do know Coilla could really need Soeni's help with the last stages of the Shadowhound quest. She's in Falgarth* the big highlandslike area with the giants and the big burning rocks and she's taken out a lot of competitive worshippers for Gahln, but she can't take out the named 4-dot mob she needs alone. And then there's the last leg, catching the hound too.

    It might be worth it to re-awaken your best crafters. From what I can tell even the biggest crafting fans notice a lack of replay value/enthusiasm when it's time to grind that faction with 500-1200 work orders in order to get the quest to grind faction to get the location of the one in a hundred times drop of a recipe drop :-)