Sunday, April 26

Trying a new dish

Gado Gado

Next time I'll go with stir-fried veggies as is my custom.
Boilling removes too much of the flavour and by the judge of the waste watter, a lot of minerals too.
Or I'll dust off the old steamer.


  1. Ermmmm that egg puts me off, I'm not fond of eggs when combined with other things...It does however bring back pleasing memories of a lovely little cross-cultural 'cafe' I used to frequent in a small subarb of Sydney, gado gado was on the menu along with my all time fave and never found since: Spicy Coconut and Galan Galan soup, mmmmm yum

    Yup boiling veg should be left to the Brits, we are well known for creating tasteless and goodness free mush from veg down to a fine art!

  2. Righto!
    Well... Carrots could be cooked technically speaking. But technically speaking carrots aren't a vegetable either :-)

  3. "Spicy Coconut and Galan Galan soup"
    I can't identify Galan Galan, and neither can Google, alas,
    It does sound familiar, so I think it's a matter of using an uncommon spelling?

  4. Could it be you ment Dtom Kah Talay
    aka Coconut Seafood Soup with Galanga?

  5. Really proper spicy gado-gado sauce with beansprouts and french beans. Hmmm delicious! Just like the big container of Ketjap, it is one of the things I buy when visiting mom. Although it has been a while I got real good gado-gado.