Monday, February 28

Random Rift Questions

The last post had enough comments so I thought it was time for a new post. A rather boring post since in all excitement I have forgotten to make any screenshots. So it will just be text.

Yesterday (and this morning) I didn't get to play too much. In fact the only thing I managed to do is entering Meridian and trying to figure out what is what in this rather large compound.

After going round three times I finally found the artisan area. I turned all my yew branches into yew planks and then dropped foraging for armorcrafting. I found the quartermaster as well there, and got my first crafting quest. I had to make two boots and deliver them to King's Retreat.

But before I went there I managed to do two more things in Meredian. In the center courtyard I found the soulportal, and bound myself to that place. But I have no idea how that works. I didn't see any recall spell. How can I (if at all possible) zap back to Meridian?

I also traversed the tower of the faceless man. I picked up a big pile of books that I now have somehow permanently on me. Did the defiant invented a Kindle as well?
I also found the two artifacts that completed my first collection. I handed my collection to the artifacts lady and got some xp/coin reward plus an icon that said 'lucky coin'. But after I closed the NPC chat window I couldn't find that lucky coin anywhere. Neither could I find the now completed collection either. Where did they disappear to?

There are about a dozen of quests in Meridian I could pick up. I haven't taken any yet. Did you grab them all while you were there, or should I do them one by one? Is there actually a maximum number of open quests? I saw also two other types of floating icons. One was a white and red icon. They show up on the minimap too. Probably I should just talk to them to find out what they are about, huh? There were also some with grey tick bubbles. I think those are for quests I am almost down with? But I don't really have anything outstanding...

I left everybody in alone for now and ran off to King's Retreat. And there I found the second armorsmith trainer I had missed originally in Kerali Outpost. He was so kind to give me some quests too for more boots and some leather. That went all pretty easy. After that I decided to run back to Meridian for a fresh daily quest. On the way back to Meridian I found another NPC with a grey tick bubble. He was not very chatty but mentioned something about Iron Gate Dungeon. Does grey mean I am too low level maybe?

So back in Meridian I couldn't get a new daily from the quartermaster. What is the time frame for them? 24 hours after you took on the order, or just the next day from when you handed the last order in?

Thanks to my run to King's Retreat and back I got 3 crafting coins (or whatever they are called). The money was just burning in my pocket so I went to talk to the recipe dude. He had to 1 coin recipes I decided to buy right away! Was that a smart move or a waste of coin? Is there a different way to get those recipes? And should I wait till tomorrow to craft anything, or should I just crank out some silly boots to up my skills further?

With all those questions as hand I just stood around a bit lost and decided I better log off and go to work so I have some time to type this up :)


  1. My COH session was kind of dull yesterday. Nothing unexpected happened.

  2. Phe wrote: How can I (if at all possible) zap back to Meridian?
    - There is a Recall spell, not sure where you get it. I think you talk to the lady who bound your soul in the first place, but I'm not 100% sure of that. I had it around the same time I got my soul bound though.
    - Where did they disappear to? (Lucky coins & Collections)
    Both of these can be found in your extensive Character sheet. To the left of it is a column of menu buttons, each opening a different section of your character details. Currencies has not only regular money and Planarite, but also Lucky Coins.
    Other noteworthy elements here include Notoriety (you status with various factions which affects access to that faction's merchants), Artifacts (your collections) and Mounts, Pet and Companions, along with Books (the readable kindle kind) and Titles. THe only thing not in there is Achievements, which get their own window.

    - Not sure what the White and Red icon is. It's not in the Minimap's legand either. Maybe it's the PVP quests? THey're more Red & Yellow on my screen though. Kinda like the regular quests, only red rather than green :-)

    - I did most of my Quests in Meridian in one go, but then I arrived there "in the intended order", meaning I'd finished Scarred Mine and my last quest led me there. Once you've done most of them, you're given a Quest for the Lakeside Outpost and your journey through Freemarch continues.

    - Greyed out QUest icons above people's head do mean you're not elligible (yet). He mentions Iron Tomb rather than Iron Gate I think, or IT as every Roleplayer calls it :-)

    Dunno about the daily. I think it's once per day, not once per 24 hours though. Not sure. Rift servers are on UK clock I believe. Geek, can you confirm?

    Geek will also have to field the recipe questions. I am clueless in that area. ALl I do is pick stuff up and process them into semi-products for you lot.

  3. Little update on the Meridian Quests:

    - Yes the Porticulum lady gives you Recall. It should be in your Abilities window (Press P) under General

    - The Meridian Quests while skippable are intended to make you familiar with the place in a controleld manner, so you don't end up running around lost for an hour.

    - Completing the last quest you/we had in Scarred Mine gets you the one leading you to Asha Catari (our glorious Defiant leader) in Meridian who will send you on the Meridian quests and then send you on to Lakeside Outpost.

  4. Oh, the red/white/yellow markers are the PVP quests yes

  5. Thanks for all the answers!

    I did that last quest from Scarred Mine which resulted in a fedex quest to Meridian. So the the only thing I had left to do were two/three fedex quests in Meridian. I will pick up all the Meridian quests tonight and run around the city some more. Unless you have some specific quests we could/should do together. That has priority, of course.

  6. Forgot to add:

    On the way from Meridian to King's Retreat I passed a field with an extra large warthog. So I decided to kill it. A very logic conclusion. As it turned out it was a real act of kindness on my part. I took one of its teeth to the local farmer and he thanked me profoundly. So I am all set on killing large looking animals now.

    While talking to that farmer he also offered me a 'daily quest'. I had to go to his nearby field, plant some seeds, and reap the blink of and eye growing plants. Bit of a weird quest. The farmer didn't show up initially as quest giver, I think. Could I go back to him again and plant more seeds? Or will he have a different task/quest next time? Or is this a worldwide daily quest quota thing?

  7. You're welcome.
    Ahm... You got that boar while going from Meridian to King's Retreat???

    That boar is to the North East of Scarred Mine, whereas King's Retreat *and* Meridian are to the North West and West of Scarred Mine repsectively. I like that daily quest yes. THey're the same each day.

    *Note to self* Don't let Phèdre navigate, ever.

    I do have some quests we can do together. The Lakeside Outpost quests are fun, and there's a little known extra village a bit further down the coast called Vestige that has only group quests. Should be fun :-)

  8. Have a look at the recipes on offer Phe, you'll see some nice blue ones that come later that are worth saving those coins for. At lower levels the difference the recipes make isn't worth investing in for PvE, I intend on saving my coins, there's a nice blue rune for staves and two handed weapons that costs 84 coins, that will be my first purchase.

    My Rogue Ooku is at the same place you are now :)

    Maybe we could organise a guild outing to Iron Tombs this week? Mike won't be on again until wednesday, how does that sound for a group dungeon night?

  9. Wednesday sounds good to me. I can be around from 5:30pm till 10:30pm on Wednesday. Today and tomorrow I will be on for two or three hours at the most.

  10. As to crafting, you mean I don't need to buy any of those recipes? I don't need any of them to complete work orders along the way? I can only make tin boots now. Will the armorsmith offer up more recipes too maybe?

  11. Yes your crafting trainer will offer new recipes once every 10 points :)

  12. So, about lat night's grouping :-)

    It's clear we're still far from a smoothly operating Dungeon faring Group...

    Some things we need to fix/change if we want to be at least semi self reliant and not spend half our playtime LFM:Tank and LFM:Healer.

    What we had last night wasn't a DPS/Tank/Healer plus additionals miscellaneous but 3xDPS and a Melee healer who needs about 10 seconds pounding on the foe before she can heal.

    Out most heavily armoured player lasted about 8 seconds against the mobs we were facing, Ooku's pet-tank did marginally better but is excluded from group-heal spells. Anyhoo that's why Ooku died the least.

    We need a Tank. Either Phè needs to get with the program and get a Tank Build. I can assist you with pointers learned from Kettle if you want, or...
    We use Phè for melee DPS and need someone else to tank.

    I obviously had the worst possible build for keeping alive 3 suicidal DPSers, so I went and colelcted all Cleric souls afterwards. I now have two Roles, one Cleric-DPS one and one full-healing one. I can go for a third, a Tank Build. However, I noticed last night that trying to stay in melee *and* healing is a real pain. I can't tank and heal at the same time.

    Alternately Geek can possibly Rogue-tank, using the pet or a dodge-tank build. Any class can tank to a greater degree than we're used to from classic MMO's, but none are as suited as the warrior, so I'd prefer Phè be punchy.

    If that doesn't work out, I don't mind rolling another toon to bring up my own Tank so Phè can stick with DPS, but we'd need a healer then. While Bard can heal somewhat, it's not in the same ballpark as what a fully heal specced Cleric can accomplish. We could do overland groups, but I doubt we'd survive Dungeons full of Elites.

    The good thing about Dungeons though is hopping, bouncing mages can't wander of too far from the group :-D

    Ok, that's my thoughts. Love to hear yours.

  13. It took me three deaths before I remembered I actually had a shield with me for just these kind of occasions. Although it might not have looked that way, but I did my best to act the Tank. Unless you don't want me to do it, and rather have me along for comic relieve, I am the meat shield.

    If you got some build suggestions I am happy to listen and implement. (At the moment) I am a Riftblade/Void Knight/Reaver. During Beta I had not reached the point yet where I could create a second build, so I don't know how it works exactly. Can I distribute my soul points completely differently for a second build? So I could create one build without points in Riftblade to be a pure defensive warrior? And have my Riftblade focused build for when I am solo?

  14. Hey Phè, I always assumed that it was a case of the heart is willing but the mind isn't understanding.
    I'll have to give you a crash course in Rift Tanking, sorry if this is going to sound like a lecture :-)

    Some things to wrap yoruself around from the start:

    1)A Tank does two things: Hold aggro and soak damage. It doesn't do DPS, which is what your current 3 Souls are all about. So, accept the fact you won't see any of these in a Tank Role.

    2) In Rift, like in most MMO's, a Tank isn't made by his armor or his shield, but by his abilities. Strapping on a shield on a dual wield DPS build cripples your DPS and adds a mere 5% to your armor rating. It doesn't magically give you the abilities to Tank using that Shield.You don't get taunts or the Block skills that a Shield-Tank has.

    3) Roles are as much at the core of Rift as is Profession/Build swapping in Guild Wars.
    With the cast of a spell you switch into what's essentially a whole new character with the same class. You can re-apply all your experience into the other Role without it affecting your initial one. You do have to purchase Ability rank upgrades for each ability (once per ability) and obviously some gear, though during the levelling curve that's not so big an issue.

    I'll get back to you later with a recommended Tank Build for you. You can keep using your current Role as well, it's good for Overland questing solo or duoing or while zerging Rifts (when there's someone else Tanking) but for Serious groupage, we need a Tank, not a Melee-DPS wearing a token shield :-)

    P.s. if you think I'm harsh, I've beenjust as ruthlessly re-evaluating Lani's Role.

  15. P.s. One thing I've learned is that using more than one Role only works if you keep semi-acquainted with them all.

  16. Ok, I'm being to harsh on your build. You got some Defensive souls in there. It bears improving though.

  17. Your Build is a very nice start on an off-tank Build. You'd need to put some work into grabbing aggro on mobs that get peeled of the Tank by overzealous nukage or healing. Oh, and we'd need a main Tank if you run this BUild :-)

    Void Knight is classified as a Defensive Soul, but it's really an offensive Mage-killer Soul.
    Kettle had it as her 3rd I-want-some-DPS Soul.
    The abilities are reactionairy so you do need the Mage's attention first.

    Riftblade is DPS, plain and simple.

    Reaver is a nice debuffing SOul which is usefull in an off-tank, but debuffs won't get you aggro.

    What I miss is taunting/threat building. Reaver has some, but you need Paladin for major threatage. It works well with Reaver too. So I suggest a Build that uses Paladin/Reaver/Wildcard where Wildcard could be Void Knight for Mage killing, or Warlord for group buffs.
    I'm not immediately seeing a good use for any of the other Souls tbh but I'm no Tanking Guru either.

    I do know there's no substitute for the Paladin's ability to throw a shield into an opponent's face for both pulling (20m I believe) and Threat generation. Hence that being my preferred core Soul of a Tank Build.

  18. Here's one:Paladin (10) / Reaver (0) / Warlord (5)
    Beefed up Pally to 10 for the Throw Shield ability.
    Chose to up Warlord rather than Reaver for the Armor buff and because I want the abilities you get at 6 and 8. If you choose this Build, I'd leave off Reaver till I got 8 points in Warlord.

    I do suggest you use Reaver rather than say Voidknight, the reason being both Pally and Voidknight got several conditional abilites, whereas both Reaver and Warlord are more straight-forward Souls. Playing Kettle with both Pally and Void Knight got really complex and I'd begun experimenting with other souls than Void Knight when they totally reordered the Warlord Roots (the abilities at the bottom of the soultree) and I rolled Tuanne in stead.

  19. It feels a bit very limiting if the only viable build for a Tank is Paladin+Warlord. So much for an elaborate soul system.

    But I do see the benefits of it. And my main goal of Sallie is to be useful when teaming up. I try to see if I can rebuild my girl tonight.

  20. Sorry if I stepped on your toes Phè.

    It's *not* the only solution. I now remember you having an instant dislike of both Paladin and Warlord in Beta too, to the point of not even wanting to try either.
    Feel free to study the Roles and Souls to make your own build.
    But cut yourself of from 25% of the Warrior's Souls then don't bitch that the system isn't elaborate enough then because it's you who's limitng your choices. That's ok too, but accept the consequences please.

  21. *grin* You didn't step on my toes.

    I was actually agreeing that your build was way better than what I have now for what we want to accomplish. If I was a Tank guru I could discard what you suggested, and try out something new. If I would know how to play that role well I could probably get away with doing it with crazy alternative builds.

    But I am not that expert, and I should just stick with the basic tank. Maybe half a year from now when we have figured out the ins and outs of the game I can recreate my voidknight/reaper.

    I guess I am still a bit disappointed that I have to take a more cookie cutter layout. But that is just because I am putting way too much value in the soul system vs actual gameplay and my urges to be unconventional.

  22. Where does that "cookie cutter" assertion come from? The beaten to death dual-wield DPS Build that you were using is "unconventional" but the equally cliche yet more complex to play Tank build is "cookie cutter"? *shrugs*
    If you'd used the term DPS in stead of unconventional in that last sentence, I would've bought it. Your urges to be unconventional range between Ranged DPS vs Melee DPS and possible between AoE and DoT, but that's about it.

    One thing I've noticed about you Phè which you seem not to be aware of:

    You are *always* DPS...

    Whether it's Age of Conan, City of Heroes/Villains, Anarchy Online, Vanguard or Guild Wars. When we play together, you inevitably are DPS with me defaulting Healer/support. That's never been a problem as I enjoy the variety and usually DPS on an alt.

    However, when you're not DPS, that group formation inevitably dies a quick death and that makes me worry about the longevity of the guild group under these conditions. If we "force" you into a non DPS role that toon will most likely peter out as the few attmepts at non-DPS characters I've seen you try inevitably do. Maybe the ability to switch Roles will keep this from happening, but I seriously doubt that.

  23. You don't have to rub it in. I keep saying you are right, and I am wrong, and I am listening to your suggestions. What more do what from me?

  24. Hey guys, chill, it's only a game :) Let's first and foremost have fun, if we need to spend time looking for a tank then so be it, hey I enjoy tanking and knowing the game so well I could level up a warrior quite quickly and provide that role if Phe wants to DPS, we'll be fine :)

  25. No worries, Geek! We probably posted way too much drama here that went about complete other things than a silly build in an even less important game.

    You'll see an (hopefully) acceptably skilled tank tomorrow keeping all those serious looking elite dudes glued to her shapely belly button.

  26. And my apologies not not being online this evening. The pub was calling, and they were twsiting my arm to hang on for one more.

  27. I asked if we could have a small Rift sub forum over on the MU forums, I just think a traditional forum format will make it easier for us to discuss, link, share pics and organise. Trib has said yes and that it will be up for us to use from this afternoon :)

  28. Thanks Geek! A blog is definitely not the most convenient place for a forum discussion. But since we don't have it just yet, I will through out some more questions here for now.

    This morning I logged in to swap my souls (and do my daily workorder). For some strange reason I actually received two dailies. One for tin boots (that is gray to me now) and one for copper. The copper ones took me to far south east corner of Freemarch. Nice area! But that is besides the point.

    What I did not accomplished is switching souls. Do I do that at my warrior trainer? And the build switch power I get from him too? Or is there a special quest I have to run? Perhaps I already have it. I didn't even check, and now I can't because I am at work.

  29. You all seem to be pretty in to it. Is it something you're planning to be playing for a while? I've been thinking of giving it a go myself.

  30. That's the plan :) It is great fun! There is a steady flow of pretty good quests. A healthy mix of solo content, group content, and large scale action right from the beginning. And everything is just working as you expect. I think it is well worth getting in to. We have already a small guild going as well. But they split US and EU servers, so you probably won't be able to join us unless you make a conscience decision to join the EU servers.

  31. You can choose EU or US servers direct from the patcher so you can play on both, would be great if you could join us, we have a nice little guild growing on the Argent server (RP) Defiant side.

  32. Just found out they've released an alpha client so anyone that wants to get in to testing future content can, the patch notes for said alpha have been leaked (they show on the client so it's not really a leak just a spoiler I guess), impressive stuff. See this thread.

  33. So? Have you bought/installed it yet? What is your character's name?

  34. Nope, not yet. Still trying to talk myself into it. I'm finding it hard because my current WoW time card hasn't run out yet, though I'm finding less reasons to keep playing as the days go by.

    Thanks for the info you guys. Perhaps I'll pop in some day soon. :)

  35. Ok, so yes. I did it. What do ya need to round out your dungeon groups? I enjoy tanking and healing usually but can dps or whatever, just let me know. :)

  36. Woohoo! That's great! I am looking forward to see you once again in the virtual world. One of the charms of Rift is that one character can with a press of the button switch roles completely. So please take a class you will enjoy playing most. When it's time to do a tough instance we will make it work one way or the other.

  37. Great news!

    I'll echo what Phe said, roll whatever class you feel like playing they all have a good degree of flexibility. See you in Telera!

  38. What can I add to that but a heart-felt "Woot!"? :-)

  39. Thanks! So I got in last night and made a stormcaller with second elementalist. Not sure if I'm going with that but like it so far. It's hard to choose with all the different classes, wow! The controls and everything seem pretty identical to most (resists the urge to say "like WoW) mmos these days, so it's been pretty easy to pickup so far. Gonna have to spend some time fiddling with my video settings yet though.

    I guess for now, the Eth named Gyre is how I'll be travelling. Lookin' forward to joining up with ya!

  40. fI, I have added Gyre to my friendlist, but I never had the luck to catch you online. Now I have to admit that each time I logged in I didn't think of checking my friendlist, but instead jumped right into a rift or something else than needed my attention. I hope you still had quite some fun in Telara. See you soon!

  41. If it helps, you can also check our Guild Roster Phè :-)

    It seems Geek managed to catch him onlune

  42. Nothing gets past the Geek! Gyre is a fully fledged Bridgeburner :)

    Yeah the engine is a pain, I had to play around for ages to get a half decent framerate and something that looks good.

    @BP we have space on the Mutants forum so if you want to get involved there visit and sign up for the forum, there are a few ex gameamp members there so I'm sure you'll receive a warm welcome :)

  43. Thanks! It was nice to catch you on albeit briefly yesterday Phe. Yep, Geek got me the one day...Saturday afternoon I believe it was.

    Thanks for the invite Geek. I'll check it out.