Friday, March 11

New Website

The good folks at FunCom have been busy. Not only with moving from Oslo to Montreal, but apparently also with making a new video, website, characters, and other assorted info. The doomsday clock at is no longer there. I am not really sure what means though. I liked the somewhat cryptic, but otherwise cheesy counter. Instead we can now visit I still love the idea of the game. Modern world setting, urban clothed characters, wide variety of locations. It looks all good to me. But the new website makes me a bit worried too. It is a lot of marketing fluff. And the game could just become a hack'n'slash in an urban jacket. The mystery and conspiracy feel that it had in its early days is fast eroding. We'll see.


  1. Did you go to the gameplay page? What immediately caught my eye was the line "No classes, no levels"...

  2. Interesting article loved the thing about investigation quests which require you to do your research outside the game, seems they are carrying on what has gone before. I'm a little more excited about this now, I really hope Funcom pull this one off properly rather than expect us to wait a year after launch for it to be fully playable.

    Yeah the no classes, no levels thing is something I'm looking forward to and I'm excited by the setting and the potential of the lore.