Sunday, February 20

Rift vistas

For your enjoyment or belittlement, some vista's of the places my newest toon Tuanne, a Telari rogue, visited levelling to 30 (32) during the Open Beta:

Tuanne, Vailare and George in Meridian

Approach of the Titan's prison in the Last Valley

Gazing into Scarlet Gorge

A lovely view of Scarwood Reach
Very near an ancient caern too ;-)

Tuanne at Level 30
(finally wearing a cap that doesn't suck)

Tuanne's Roles which no-one finds interesting but me :-)

Bard (very self sufficient)

(Good AoE build for Rifts)

My 'so-so' Tank build


  1. Try to ignore Vailare's evil magister skull cap and eighties victim shoulderpads :-p

  2. Hey I could have someones eye out with those shoulder pads, just see them as added defense :)

  3. So...
    How are we going to keep ourselves entertained till launch?
    And do you know anything on how the head start works Geek?
    Shouldn't we be downloading a retail client at some point? I bought the digital distribution straight from Trion and I must say my account page doesn't have much in the way of details on it.

  4. Ah, found something:

    Will Retail CE pre-orders access the head start the same way we accessed beta through a download, or will we receive the physical game early?
    Beta and Head Start are two different clients; each will require their own download. As long as you have applied a pre-order key to your account, you'll be able to download the launch client and play in the Head Start. We'll post more information about downloading the launch client in the coming weeks.

  5. hmm... head start is just three days away. Not much time left to post that information. I would be rather disappointed if I have to download a full 5GB client again together with everybody else in the next two days.

    The vistas look really good though! Almost like from a different game. I don't think I have been anywhere where I wasn't surrounded by at least 20 other players. Handy when a rift opens, but not so convinient when exploring hidden vistas.

  6. And to answer your question how to entertain ourselves till launch. This way.

  7. Well, the new client makes sense.
    All the extra data colelcted and transferred to Trion HQ by your Beta client isn't necessary anymore. Everyone who bought the pre-order will be downloading the client yes. Retails will install from CD and update.

    EU Launch isn't till march 4th, however we can play on US servers during headstart. (US launches are typically on Tuesday, EU ones on Friday) Not that we'd want to. Not sure if the EU head start starts Thursday. It'd be a whole week head start. That's a lot.

  8. Ehm, I think I can find more interesting things to do than look at pictures of a 9 year old MMO that needed to be updated to DirectX9 years ago :-)

  9. EU headstart starts Thursday, yes we do get a whole week :) It's launching on a friday because that's a traditional launch date here in the EU (it is in the UK anyway), thankfully they decided to kick off EU and US headstart without any of those considerations.