Saturday, February 19

Once Human

Official 'announcement' trailer for a game called Dead Island. Brave move using a child as the main character. Reminds us that all zombies once had a life lived and loved, found it quite poignant and moving. I doubt very much the game will conjure up such emotions but the trailer is worth a watch as a short piece of movie making that succeeds on it's own, it's pretty gruesome too. So just remember the next time you slash your way through a crowd of zombies (I know Camden on the weekend feels like that...) that face once had a life.

Chronological version:

1 comment:

  1. I added the chronological version of the trailer.
    The original one overshoots the achieved goal by getting to artsy-fartsy with the Memento style chronology :-)

    Zombies, still not my thing. Not in movies, not in games.
    But I hope this will give you pause next time you send George into the fray to get slaughtered so you can make your escape :-D