Saturday, July 10

Your never too old to play with Lego!

Your never too young to start learning the fundamentals of programming

One beta I haven't managed to get in to, shame the building part looks like hours of fun.

This Trailer is epic :)

Here's a game play demo


  1. The first clip looks complex. A bit too much so. I am not sure many will take the time to do all that. It looks all very cool, but I think it is too much work for too little gain. But that could just be me. There are quite a few LEGO junkies out there.

    The second clip is awesome. Is that really the same game?

  2. Added a game play demo, that second video isn't how the game looks in action.

  3. OMG Geekzor. Are you implying Trailers may actually not acurately depict in-game experiences? I'm shocked!!!! :-D

    It breaks my little nostalgic heart though to see them. Lego needs a tactile element, sometimes to be pried apart by your teeth. And what's with all the combat? While I appreciate the sandbox buidling elements, it's just not Lego to me.