Wednesday, July 21

What is in store for us?

The three most anticipated releases are SW:TOR, GW2 and Secret World. But is there anything else interesting coming up? Apparently I am not the only one pondering on that. The blog post A Look At The Competition has a very nice summary of upcoming games, and nifty links for more info at the bottom for each game. It doesn't really change much in my excitement level on any of these games, but it is stil a nice summary.

PS. The picture is from CCP's new game World of Darkness.


  1. I've been keeping half an eye on a few of the titles mentioned in that blog. I posted the video for TERA a couple of weeks ago. They've been getting some bad PR due to the choice of EU publisher, Frogster have been quick to jump in and offer some reassurances.

    Rifts I've been keeping less than half an eye on, the only thing that interests me is the rift mechanic, more public/dynamic quests, something I'll also be getting elsewhere (GW2).

    Otherland and World of darkness are both titles that have been under my radar (must purchase new batteries), not enough information on either to get me excited...

    Vindictus is something I can guarantee I'll not play for very long but I'm still excited by the look of the combat.

    Goes without saying I'll be playing the three main titles : GW2, SW:TOR and TSW. It should also go without saying that I'll be in nearly every beta of (Mostly) F2P games that I can get my grubby little hands on. No doubt going through the same routine of positive first impressions followed by frustration and dissapointment with the inevitable, well designed problems forced by the adoption of a cash shop model.

    FFXIV - Can't comment :)

  2. I'm halfway inclined to lug Final Fantasy ## up with the big three, it's just our little clique who've had litle to do with that branch. I hated FF XI with a passion due to it's ridiculous signup process and console controller dependencies, but I know from people who stuck with it that it's the kind of MMO that Phè for one would love, me propably too. Geek, I dunno. Fractured, less certain even.

    Torchlight, the MMO. These people are the ones who flunked with Hellgate and that other title no-one remembers. THey then repeated their bag of tricks as a single player game and that worked. People your type of game is single player, has no online business model. Stick with what you know how to do succesfully?

    Tera is too hack 'n slahsh for me. It feels like a splitscreen-multiplayer version one of those Console game hack 'n slash games. I'm more interested in Telara, though that's slowly moving into the same direction as Tera I'm afraid. There's plenty of elements that remind me of GW too though.

    Interesting. Otherland is still alive apparently. I thought that project was stillborn. Wolrd of Darkness MMO has been beneath most people's radars and sonars after a few pings when it was announced. Pretty much like Otherland. Since WWD and Secret World are stomping through pretty much the same sort of grass I wouldn't be surprised if White Wolf/CCP want to see what happens to SW first.

    Anything mentioned below the World of Darkness is still so far from release the chances are better than 60% that they won't see the light of day in their current inception.

    Note on Frogster: THey haven't done much crappy things, unlike their competitors here in the EU, namely Codemasters and GOA, both of which are losing major contracts (Lord of The Rings and Warhammer Online respectively) to the US Publishers who're now going to run the show themselves here. Frogster doesn't have the flair that people expect from MMO companies. TBH, that's understandable. They're more distributor tha Publisher. They are behind 70% of the most succesful MMO related businesses and doing good with France as well. Those two nationalities are happy when they know Frogster is either distributin or publishing a game in Europe. THey've alsom made better inroads into the Korean market than most MMO comapanies with flair. In fact, last I heard they were operating on behalf of those companies over there. Anyhoo, my 2 cts :-)

  3. P.s. Endor is a Moon. How can there be a Moon over Endor blog then?