Tuesday, October 6

Some Aion Screenies

Our MMO-ness has dried up a bit, so I will do a few not too impressive screenshots from Aion. There are actually quite a few very lovely sceneries around the Aion's world, but I have even seem to have lost the art of taking screenshots.

This one was at the prison camp. I don't really know why it was called like that since it was actually a misty graveyard. It had some interesting mobs that made me change tactics a bit. Not too much, it was still pretty easy prey, but I actually had to sit down for a second to heal up a bit. And I finally thought of pressing the PrtSc button.

The sight of that ship, the cows in the mist, and the danger of roaming predators made this a lovely spot. I got quite lucky to be here on a quite moment. The noices of ten other players hacking into random creatures around you does spoil some of the effect.

This is just a close up of Chennie. I think she looks lovely. They have put a lot of detail in the face and body. You can really make quite unique characters. Unfortunately at these early levels almost everybody wears the same clothes, so you don't feel as unique as I would like to do.

Here I finally figured out that pressing F12 hides the HUD. The size of these elephantish giants doesn't really come out. They are huge! Fortunately for me they are just standing there looking cute.

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