Wednesday, October 21

I didn't listen

And so far I don't regret it. I had more fun in this tutorial than I had in FallOut3's tutorial.


  1. Go figure. IT plays like a crappy FPS game.
    Since you don't like good FPS games, I should have guessed...

  2. I probably shouldn't ask, but I seem to be getting skilled in doing the opposite of what I should. So why did you think the game is so crap?

    The scenery looks great, the character creation had a plenty of slick options, the tutorial was well designed and executed. Even I can see there are bugs left in the game, but nothing game breaking. The controls seem to work for me, and there seems to be a good community based on the general chatter I saw. Since I stopped right before exiting the tutorial I can't say much about the progression, attribute build up, factions, etc. When I played Tabula Rasa I got bored in 5 minutes since I had no sense of a bigger world, only senseless killing of aliens. Here I left part of something bigger. Maybe it is just part of my state of mind, or maybe they really hit the right notes. For me at least

    Maybe my joy is short lived, but I had fun last night. And I did my bit to support the independent MMO developer :)

  3. Oh no, I'm not going down that road again.
    I'll just let you enjoy the game I don't like without spoiling it for you this once.

    Have fun :-)

  4. Hehe, you are a lot wiser than me today. Let me see how much fun I'll really have with it. Then I will bug you about it again in a week or two.

  5. I'll even let you persuade me to give it another shot if you still like it by then Phè.

    There's some thing shwich may have affected my experience with it.
    1) It was during Beta, stresstest weekend even I believe.
    2) They did a major overhaul of character appearance afterwards, especially on the female models.
    Now I'd like to think I'm not so shallow that (virtual) women have to look like barbie-dolls with flesh over them, but I do remember wondering if they'd even used a seperate model for female at all.