Wednesday, October 21


A few years ago I bumped into a wonderful, wonderful little browser game called Samorost 2. I remember sharing my joys at that time with the folks of GameAmp, and I got Jeni all worked up a bit with it. Especially the art style made it something special. I happily spent the $5 to play the full version just to thank the makers for the work they had done.

Yesterday all of a sudden I received an email from them stating they have completed their first full-scale game. I haven't tried out the free demo yet since I was busy playing a crappy FPS, but I definitely will! Here is the full email I received


After three years of hard work we finally finished our first full-scale
game Machinarium. Please visit our website where you can try to play
web-demo (3 levels). If you will like it, you can buy the full version
for download on the website.

Amanita Design

I hope you, the readers of Yammob, will give it a try as well.


  1. *does happy dance* I'm so glad you posted this! I just tried the free demo and now MUST posses the full version! I do strongly suggest everyone give it a go, it is a great way to just relax and use your brain a little.

  2. "joins in on doing happy dance" So great to see you still have us on your daily surfing tour! And yes, I MUST have the full version too *grin*

  3. ZOMG!!! It's TheJeni!

    /me runs around in excited circles

    What a lovely suprise on an otherwise unlovable day. Doubly so, not only do we get to hear from TheJeni, doing a happy dance no less, but also such a great tip.

    I'll be playing the demo during my night-shift :-)

  4. I do check this site out daily, just been rather quiet on the online front of things lately. Sadly I've been playing Machinarium for most of the day, I think I'm quite hooked right now, and my brain hurts just a little bit from the work out.

    Keep up the posting, I enjoy hearing from all of you ever so much!