Tuesday, October 13

Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth got released. That went pretty sneaky. I thought it was still in early beta. Should I care? Strangely enough it is not yet for sale at play.com, so I assume it is not yet released for the European market. But since I am here (the states) now anyway, should I pick up a copy (or two)?


  1. I think my post has some rhetorical questions. Of course, I will pick it up. It looks AO-ish enough for me to wander around a bit.

  2. Phè I strongly recommend you not buy this game.

    A) It sucks

    B) It's an FPS shooter with RPG elements

    C) It's crappy

  3. Reason B is already enough:)
    I thought you beta-ed it a bit, but never heard more.
    That' s why I made the post.

  4. You didn't hear from me about it because I didn't want to write an article about it which would have bottled down to A and C. Especially since I formed that opinion based upon 1.5 hours of gameplay.

    As a customer, that's a valid timeframe in which to decide if a game sucks, as a reviewer, not so much :-)