Saturday, February 16

We Love Fine

I had ordered some stuff online. Some cool items, but that is not important now. At the bottom of the box was the packing list and invoice. But there was another badly folded piece of paper. First I thought it had ended up in my delivery box by mistake. But then I realized what I got my in hands. This is so brilliant and unexpected, I just had to share it.


  1. I'm still unclear on what this is.

  2. You were correct already on facebook. It is the map from the monster slayer league. So I now my own real copy of it. All lovely smutched and wringled. It is almost even cooler than the Orochi Group t-shirt I had ordered. Mostly because I was not expecting it. It was just a brilliantly unexpected bonus.

  3. Ah that *is* cool.
    It reminded me of that map, but I didn't know.
    Orochi T ought to be neat too. Good thing it doesn't come in red though.