Wednesday, March 13

Quote of the ... year?

Not because that the quote is that brilliant, well, maybe it is, but more because we are not quoting a lot here on Yammob.

Bah Blizzard, we were breaking MMOs before they even thought about making one.
Joel "Nusquam" Bylos comment when somebody on the TSW forum suggested that Blizzard owned the term "soon".


  1. Not because of that comment, but yesterday I returned to Rubi-Ka. They had made a updates since I last visited. One of them is a new location for the client side settings, and a merge of the servers. As a result I spend all evening copying undescriptive files from one random folder to another. It was almost as challenging as equiping my QL 180 weapon. Good times!

    I managed to kill a leet too.

  2. You killed a Leet!!! You Leetkiller you!

    As to the quote, not sure about brilliance, but it is pretty darn accurate.

    And funny.

    I heard about the server merge. Still hoping to see that engine update one day. But frankly I'm hoping that "The Repopulation" will give me/us that AO vibe when it arrives.