Thursday, February 14

Dreamfall Chapters

Now that Ragnar Tørnquist and Martin Bruusgaard are no longer involved with The Secret World they turned their attention to something I have been looking forward. And I'm not the only one. Although I am not sure exactly why, but they have taken the most eagerly awaited adventure game to Kickstarter. Well, I guess collecting nearly a million dollar in just a few days is pretty good reason to go to Kickstarter. I'm one of the 10,000+ that has funded it. I'm pretty confident they will be made, and I'm utterly sure I would have bought it when that time would come. The only thing is that I'll pay for it a year or two too early.

Maybe I should add my thoughts on Kickstarter as an idea, but I'll just stick with "TLJ-3 is coming!"

Link in case Google is down:

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  1. As far as I can tell the reasons they took one of the most eagerly awaited cult hits to Kickstarter are:
    1) Lack of investment interest or the desire to do without a Publisher's control
    2) Need for money due to lack of investors
    3) Kickstarter has shown in the past to be a good source of money when playing the nostalgia card.

    I'm not investing on principal grounds but I'm also giddy to see them doing so well with the Kickstart, already they got their first stretch goal.