Wednesday, October 12

Vindictus Europealis

More than a year ago fracturedInfinity told us about Vindictus. He described it as 'It's kind of interesting'. I think he had a good time playing it for a while. But for some reason the rest of us were not allowed to play it. And for even more obscure reasons the European website for Vindictus was a static image with the text 'coming soon', and a facebook page that was just as dead (except for players begging for any kind of info). By May I had given up on it. Folks in the US had moved on, and I assumed the game had closed down.

But over the weekend I saw an advertisement for it on Rock,Paper Shotgun. So I followed the link and found out the game is live! Apparently they had been working on it behind the scenes, and it got released sometime in September. I downloaded it yesterday evening, played through the tutorial and wandered around town. It really looks good. Great graphics, easy controls, smooth character animations, and fun combat. When it came out in the US it was hailed as the game that proved that F2P can be high quality. I'm planning to find out if they were right.


I haven't made any screenshots yet, so I am 'borrowing' some screenies from fI. The characters I could chose from in the character creation screen seemd to be quite different. So maybe I'll never get to see the same things. The screenshots came from this post.


  1. My character is called Lourin, just like my AO trader.

  2. Downloaded this game a couple of weeks ago and immediately forgot about it, thanks for the reminder to take it for a spin!

  3. Mhmmm, as Fallen Earth Servers are down to prep for the F2P version at this moment, Ithink I'll pass on this one.

  4. Hope ya'll like it. I think I got to about level 30ish and kinda tapered off playing as it turned into a dungeon run grind pretty much. Though, they've added a lot to the game since I played it last. I still love the action and the quality of it though!