Thursday, October 21

Screenshot Wednesday

I've started a Picasa album of my screenshots as well, and wanted to share them. So here ya go. The Runes of Magic ones I've posted before are already there. The others are from a game I started yesterday called Vindictus. It's kind of interesting.



  1. Those some great shots.

    I really like the one of the lake with a green hue in the sky. Very well done.

    Also, that looks like you are running on a great graphic card. There is a lot of detail in those shots.

  2. The Vindictus screenies look very crisp! I went to visit the website and realized I had been there before. Somebody else had somehow pointed me in that direction. But I can't remember why or how. So you better give us a review of the game. "It's kind of interesting." doesn't cut it for me :)

  3. Great screen shots :)

    I really wanted to try Vindictus, sadly there is an IP block in place so I didn't get the chance, please tell more on what you think about it, looks good solid fun :)

  4. A review? My reviewing skills aren't all that great, but I'll try. :)

    They did turn out rather well, if I do say so myself. My laptop isn't quite top of the line, but it is less than a year old, so I finally get to play those older games with everything cranked to the max! I thought GW looked good before. Turn on 4x antialiasing and it just gets better. :)

    Vindictus is kinda fun. From what I can tell, it's mainly an action game. I've barely got 8 hours into it yet, so it's still kinda early to tell.

  5. I couldn't resist and added your slideshow to sidebar as well.

  6. Phe, I had to make some changes, so the original one I posted is broke now. If you'd like to update the one on the sidebar as well, I'd appreciate it.

  7. Done. You have added some very nice screenshots to the collection. Especially 46, 49, 55, 69 and 76. It 80 again from Vindictus?

  8. Noted you added some TotPK screenies :) Can't wait to get Phe, Lani and yourself in to a group for that one, baggsy going as barrage/pet Ritualist!

  9. TotPK...those were the days. lol I still have greens from that I use..when I play. Do those even still drop there?

    Yes, 80 is from Vindinctus again. Got my wife to play with me for a bit (she really doesn't play much any more).

    It really is a beautiful game. You can be one of two classes (they're adding a 3rd by the end of the month). The female is a sword and board class. The male is dual wielding swords. All characters are the same, as far as that goes, but you can do some customizing in the appearance, like hair, height, eye, hair and skin color.

    It is largely an action game with rpg elements. the gameplay is mostly story driven. You follow a storyline, and you advance the story by meeting the objectives in the "quests". In order to do the quests, you leave the town and go to a "dock" area, where you can make parties and board the "boat" to go to the quest instance. Each quest has it's own set of objectives to meet and you gain the max points for each one by completing all the objectives (you don't have to complete all in all the quests in order to advance the story).

    The instances where you fight through them with your party of up to 4 people are randomly generated, so while you may see similar sections, they're never really the same battle instance two times in a row.

    There aren't any open areas like we're used to seeing in most MMOs, where you can just go explore and fight monsters and gather mats etc. The town and dock are the social hubs, and where you turn in and get quests, and visit various NPCs for crafting etc. There is crafting, but it's mostly just grind the instances until enough of your mats drop, or else buy them off the marketplace (auction house).

    In any case, I find it interesting enough a game (and pretty to look at), that's it's kept me busy nearly every night for a few hours a piece. If you can, I'd recommend at least giving it a try.

    Both the current classes are melee. The new one they're adding is going to be a ranged magic/ support type. This will be interesting to see how it works with something more than 4 people trying to beat down the same monsters at melee range.

    Oh yeah, and they use physics in the game as well. You can almost pick up anything in the game (pots, boxes, broken pieces of trees) and use it as a weapon. When your character runs and then stops, there is actually a stopping animation as if it were a real person stopping. Honestly, it is quite polished for a game...and free at that. There is lag in the instances at times. It just depends on the person you team up with and how well your connection with them is, I guess.

  10. Oh yeah, and when you character stands, their posture will actually adapt to whatever kind or angle surface you're standing on, so it's not like your typical game where you're half hovering/half buried in the ground your standing on.

  11. And one more thing...
    as you can see in that shot, if your character takes a beating, your armor will actually show it. (armor is automatically repaired when you finish the battle instance and go back to town).

    Hope that's a good enough review for ya. :)